The AILA Landscape Architecture Awards program provides a key vehicle for the promotion of the achievements and work of landscape architects in the Australian Capital Territory. The Awards process is an opportunity for public and peer recognition of landscape architect’s work, and demonstrates to industry, business, government and the wider community the positive impact the profession has on Australian lives through the planning and design of the built and natural environments.

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2020 ACT Award Winners & Nominees

This year, the ACT Landscape Architecture Awards received 16 entries.

The ACT jury were delighted with the breadth and quality of submissions, identifying seven Landscape Architecture Awards and three Awards of Excellence. 

In recognising the regional scale of many of the ACT’s projects, the jury also awarded the inaugural Regional Achievement in Landscape Architecture Award for the ACT. 

AILA would like to thank the ACT Jury, led by Steve Kirsu, for their time, support and expertise.

Click HERE to view the 2020 ACT Digital Winners Announcement via YouTube. For further details about the award winners and nominees, please visit the ACT ONLINE GALLERY


The 2020 ACT Award winners are:

  • 2020 Regional Achievement in Landscape Architecture Award
    ACT Healthy Waterways 
    Indesco and Enviro Links Design
  • Health and Education Landscape - Award of Excellence
    Kambri, Australian National University (ANU)
    ASPECT Studios in association with lahznimmo and BVN Architects
  • Research, Policy and Communications Award of Excellence
    Contemporary Art and the Transformation of Space into Place: Lake Burley Griffin and Contour 556
    Harris Hobbs Landscapes
  • Urban Design - Award of Excellence
    Braddon Precinct Place Vision and Strategy
    OCULUS (collaborative partners - Right Angle Studio and CoDesign)  
  • Urban Design Landscape Architecture Award 
    ANU Acton Campus Master Plan and Design Guide
  • Infrastructure - Landscape Architecture Award
    ACT Healthy Waterways
    Indesco and Enviro Links Design
  • Infrastructure - Landscape Architecture Award
    Isabella Pond Wetlands
    Enviro Links Design
  • Play Spaces - Landscape Architecture Award 
    Farrer Community Nature Play
    Red Box Design Group
  • Play Spaces - Landscape Architecture Award
    Eddison Park Nature Play
    PLACE Laboratory
  • Small Projects - Landscape Architecture Award
    The Commons, Radford College
    Enviro Links Design
  • Small Projects - Landscape Architecture Award
    Canberra Grammar School Courtyard
    Enviro Links Design

Click HERE to the view the 2020 ACT nominations.


2020 ACT Jury

A BIG thank you to the AILA ACT Jury
• Steve Kirsu, AILA ACT Chapter President
• Dr Maxine Cooper, Chair, Landcare ACT
• Melinda Dodson, Director MDa, PhD Candidate University Canberra
• Leonard Lynch Founding Director, CLOUSTON associates
• Adam Shirley, Broadcaster at ABC

Awards Categories


Projects in this category are constructed landscape projects in and surrounding institutional spaces including educational, health or aged care facilities. Projects in this category demonstrate how the design contributes to the usability and operation of the facility and the wellbeing of the user.




Projects in this category are constructed urban landscape projects that are public in nature and capture and contribute to the culture and amenity of the urban environment.



Projects in this category are constructed public parks and open space, or strategic open space projects that balance the demand for recreation, culture and the environment.



Projects in this category are constructed play spaces or strategies which promote the notion of active play and embraces the temporal elements of the active play space.



Projects in this category are constructed landscape infrastructure projects, landscape strategies or works associated with civil infrastructure that demonstrates the successful integration of landscape values and which contribute to a future sustainability.



Projects in this category are constructed projects or strategies that demonstrate the restoration, conservation, enhancement, maintenance, or adaptive reuse of culturally significant sites.



Projects in this category are constructed projects or strategies for the restoration, conservation or management of significant landscapes that demonstrate a tangible physical outcome. The project may recognise and reconcile the natural and cultural values of communities and the landscape in which they are placed.



Projects in this category are constructed or strategic projects that demonstrate excellence in landscape design and demonstrate a tangible contribution to tourism, either nationally or in the local region that significantly enhances the profile of the area.



Projects in this category are constructed or strategic projects that demonstrate how the design, construction management and built outcome contributes to the wellbeing of the urban setting through the improvement of social interaction, economic activity, liveability, accessibility and safety.



Projects in this category are constructed or strategic projects and include strategic design and guiding policy documents and visual assessments for urban development, residential and planned communities, local community and rural or regional planning.



Projects in this category include published works in research and or practice that extend the knowledge base and advocacy of landscape architecture.



Projects in this category included constructed projects or strategies delivered either: As a pro bono service (or significantly reduced fee) to the community OR have positively impacted a disadvantaged individual or group of users who wouldn’t normally have access to design expertise.
Entrants should be able to clearly demonstrate the benefit provided by the project to the communities, cultural groups and/or neighbourhoods in which they are located in or serve (e.g. through client letters of support explicitly referring to benefits gained). Projects will demonstrate sound principles or values of landscape architecture, and must be sufficiently focused around the role of the landscape architect as opposed to contributing to a wider community development.



Projects in this category include those considered to be 'small' in terms of size or budget. Projects are recognised that have been constrained by size or budget restrictions, but have achieved a level of invention and creativity beyond these constraints.



Projects in this category include constructed private and public gardens that contribute to the role and understanding of the garden in contemporary society and culture.



Projects in this category include constructed or strategic projects that demonstrate a contribution to landscape architecture internationally.
Please note the International Awards are part of the National Awards program and are not judged at the state level. Enter the International Awards here.


Entry Process

Entry into the AILA Landscape Architecture Awards program is limited to a person, or a team where the landscape architectural component is under the substantive control or direction of a person, who is a Registered Landscape Architect or Member (financial) and principal of the practice (who is an owner or formal licensee of the copyright in the work being entered). To be eligible for entry, projects (where applicable) must have at least reached practical completion and be in all other respects complete to the point of enabling proper assessment by the Jury, no later than 31 December 2019.  Entries will be considered in the Chapter in which the project is located, regardless of the business address of the entrant.  Any project located outside Australia will only be eligible for an award in the International category.

To enter the Awards you must complete an online entry and pay the entry fee of $320+GST (per entry).  Should your entry win at Chapter level, it will automatically progress to the National Award and no further fee is required. Entries close at 11:59pm AEST on 31 March 2020.

Your entry into the awards is completed by our online platform, Awards Force.  Entrants are able to start their entry as in progress before submitting.  To assist in your preparation of your submission, please read the following important documents: