ACT Presidents Message - 11 May 2020

“I can’t take back the past, but I can fight for the future.”  ― Shannon A. Thompson, Death Before Daylight.

It has become, I think, a bit of a habit for me to seek out little morsels of ‘food for thought’! I justify this habit as necessary to kindle the zeal of those students who get me as their studio convenor! However, I think the habit is really about satiating my need to better express what has made, and continues to make, me feel so passionate about Landscape Architecture.(The words I discover, put it so much more succinctly and eloquently than I believe I can).

With COVID 19 there has been more reason for me to reflect on the huge contribution our profession makes and how fortunate I feel to be a small part of it. Really isn’t this a great profession?

And it is both reaffirming and reassuring to be part of a professional community that shares a love or the environment and humanity…….and as I was recently reminded in out last virtual Chapter meeting, one where 99% have a good sense of humour. To paraphrase one member, we all shared a good laugh and felt so much better for it!

So when you get that email with the details of the Zoom meeting – click yes and join in the fun! As a result of the last meeting we are thinking about awarding prizes (at the Christmas party cos hopefully we will be allowed out then!) for the ‘Most cute pet in the meeting’, the ‘Funniest background grimace from child’, ‘Most inappropriate comment from partner’….and then we really ought to have the Great Covid 19 Shave off, as so many are sporting facial hair, very long locks!!!

And there is always the bit of constructive business……….
- Awards are on track – judges are warming up their computer and checking internet connections and Jason is developing ideas for a Virtual Celebration
- Michael Roy and myself are taking ideas for your top three advocacy issues – but we need them urgently to feed back to the National committee
- CPD – we are going to work up one or two on-line events
- Stay tuned to the radio, 666 as one of your committee will be chatting about the importance of good public spaces and the role they play in this pandemic
- UC is close to getting a new Discipline Lead, our Chapter President is on the interview panel – how good is that! 

Some interesting things to perhaps follow up on are:
- Works Approval Application to the National Capital Authority from the City Renewal Authority for the Acton Waterfront Phase 2 Boardwalk. Feedback is welcome and due by COB Friday 22 May. More details here.
- EPSDD are putting few some minor legislative changes that ask proponents that submit to the National Capital Design Review Panel to include that Panel’s advice in their application as well as extending the time for development to commence once granted approval – this is in response to COVID 19. More details here.
Catch you all at the next Virtual Chapter meeting – I will have my box of tissues ready this time for the tears that come from laughing!

Kind regards,

Gay Williamson
AILA ACT Treasurer