ACT Presidents Message - 19 July 2019

As we try to keep warm through the middle of winter, let’s start off with a warmly thank you. 
Thank you to Gay in organising and the effort you put into the, Remaking Lost Connections design competition, thank you, it was a great success.   
One of the many joys I saw out of the design competition was the faces of the school groups that were visiting the National Capital Exhibition at Regatta Point, as they wander through the design panels. 
Their interaction with the designs was great to see and who knows this interaction with the design competition could inspire one of those students to become a Landscape Architect. 
All ACT members would have seen the email about the job expo in August. Please sign up to help, as if we don’t promote the profession to students then Landscape Architecture won’t have a future. 
Key date for next week. 
Thursday 25th July 2019 at 5.30pm
Annual Chapter Meeting @ National Office in the City. 
Please come along and get involved. 
Have a great weekend and see you all next Thursday!
Jason Kocmar