QLD News and Media 2015

President's Message - 16 December 2015

Firstly Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish you a festive and safe season with family and friends and look forward to seeing you in 2016.

The AILA QLD Brisbane Christmas Party was a great occasion and congratulations to the all the nominees for the Karl Langer Award. The work from nominated QUT students was exemplary. A special congratulations to Emily Colling the 2015 Karl Langer Award winner.

As I mentioned at the AILA Brisbane Christmas Party – thank you to all Landscape Architects for your work in 2015. In the struggle of client briefs and budgets it is sometime difficult to remind ourselves that our profession is managing the world’s landscape and solving contemporary problems like no other profession can. Keep up the passion!

Also special thank you to our State Manager Katie Roberson, and all the AILA National Office staff for their fantastic support work in 2015 for our members. They do a great job! Thank you!

The year 2016 and 2017 are going to be significant years for AILA QLD – with 2016 being 50 years anniversary for AILA, and 2017 being 50 years of landscape architecture at QUT. The 2016 Festival of Landscape Architecture in Canberra will be a great celebration of our profession.

In additional the State Executive has recently released its Operational Plan for 2016, with key focus areas including:

- digital capture of CPD programs for easy distribution to all members

- roll out of the refreshed Awards Program

- better focus on advocacy

- better co-ordination with regional groups

- seeking increased income to be able to offer additional support to regional members

The refreshed Awards program is critical to the profile of the Landscape Architecture profession, with new categories better aligned to our clients and media profile. In order to encourage submissions under the new platform, the first entry from every practice will be free of charge. I look forward to your participation in the 2016 Awards program and we will work hard to capitalise on profile opportunities aligned with the new categories.


Shaun Walsh

QLD President

President's Message - 23 November 2015


Looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming AILA Christmas parties I aim to attend the Brisbane and SunCoast functions! Get your tickets now!

The consultation period on the draft Constitution closes soon and as most members are aware I have been involved in the Constitutional Review Working Group in recent years. The proposed platform provides a contemporary way for AILA to go forth in managing the affairs of the company and its members. Please ensure you avail yourself of the proposed significant changes including: removal of geographic distribution of Board Members; reduction of member appointed Board members from 10 to 5; opportunity to appoint independent up to 2 Board members; and flexibility in determination of membership categories to allow a broader membership base. The draft constitution is also much clearer in processes, including voting and ability for members to raise issues and obligations for Board response to matters raised.

Hopefully this evening the QLD AILA Executive will be endorsing our Operational Plan for the next 2 years and I look forward to distributing it to QLD members. This operational plan responds to the AILA National 2020 Strategy, with specific actions responding to the priority themes of Membership, Profile, Advocacy and Sustainability. Our Executive will use this plan to focus and prioritise our activities to ensure delivery of specified outcomes.

Last Tuesday evening I attended the QUT Landscape Architecture exhibition, including presentation of student awards. This presentation also coincided with the AILA Accreditation visit to QUT. The quality of the students work and the organisation of presentation ceremony were excellent and AILA Qld looks forward to a continuing quality relationship with QUT, and to collaborate on the presentation next year. Well done QUT!

The week before I attended the AILA Landscape Technical talk on Barangaroo. This series sponsored by AILA National Partner Austral Bricks and Austral Masonry was exceptionally good, with the Landscape Architect Maria Rigoli, Landscape Architect at JPW documenting the project from planning through to completion stages. It is a compelling recreation of a Sydney Harbour foreshore headlands and remarkable in its landscape scope. Definitely on the visit list next time in Sydney!

This week I am flying to Korea accompanying my partner on business. As well as eating kim chee a highlight of my visit will be to visit the innovative Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration. This project demolished a freeway and daylighted the original waterways and activated the public space. A great lesson for Queensland in this project! Our AILA website is now able to readily host online presentations as part of our commitment for online CPD it is my intention to compile a presentation for posting – hopefully as a catalyst for regular use and distribution of CPD material in fresh ways using our available technology.

Shaun Walsh

QLD President

President's Message - 26 October 2015


The week before last saw many Queenslanders attend the Festival of Landscape Architecture “This Public Life” in Melbourne and the program of core and fringe festival events was engaging. I found the work presented by Norwegian Landscape Architect Jenny B. Osuldsen of Snøhetta to be inspirational, as well as the words of New Zealand Christchurch Academic Jacky Bowring on how to approach sadness and melancholy in landscapes particularly compelling.

Congratulations to New National President Daniel Bennett. Daniel is a passionate advocate for AILA and has my confidence that he will continue the reform process for our profession from the platform of his existing work on the Board over the last two years!

The simultaneous meeting of State Presidents and Managers across Australia was great for co-operation building – I know what the Presidents and Managers look like rather than speaking on the phone! It was particularly good for me personally to catch up with Victorian State President Emma Appleton – Emma introduced me to Landscape Architecture when we shared an office in Nambour for the local Council in the mid 1990’s. I was the town planner who sat in the corner looking over at the interesting work of the LA’s thinking I want to do what they are doing!

Tonight our State Executive is hosting the AILA CEO to assist in realigning the State Chapter to meet the AILA National Strategy, with a particular focus on the priority areas of Advocacy and Profile building. For this we will prepare a State Operational Plan that will articulate our strategies and actions over the next 2 years as a State Chapter.

Landscape Architecture events coming up:

Q Fresh: ON Site Construction Series 29 October 2015 @ 4 pm - Register now

$10 for member students Register now at www.aila.org.au

Qfresh will be holding a BBQ to explore the completed Riverside Green Playground in the South Bank Parklands, Brisbane.They will discuss the design and construction process, the lessons learnt, test out the play equipment and enjoy a sausage sizzle and refreshment.

QLD Landscape Technical: 5:30 to 7:30pm: 5th November, Austral Brickworks, 27 James Street, Fortitude Valley

FREE for members: Register now at www.aila.org.au

Barangaroo: Maria Rigoli, Landscape Architect at JPW will provide an overview of how she led her team across the eminent project, Barangaroo in Sydney. Barangaroo is said to be Sydney’s last CBD waterfront development, and will reshape Sydney’s headland into a residential, commercial and recreational precinct with over 75,000 native plants, unique tidal pools and walking and cycling tracks open to the general public.

QUT LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE END OF YEAR EXHIBITION & STUDENT AWARDS CEREMONY Tuesday, 17 November 2015 from 5pm to 8pm QUT - Gardens Point D Block - Level 1 and 2 Invitation Only

Shaun Walsh

QLD President

President's Message - 12 October 2015

Good afternoon!

I am looking forward to attending “This Public Life” Festival of Landscape Architecture in Melbourne later this week, and hopefully mixing with plenty of landscape architects from Queensland! I am not looking forward to the cooler weather though as we have had stunning weather around Brisbane lately and I am definitely a subtroppo climate person!

As part of the Festival I will be meeting with the recently elected other state presidents and it will be a great opportunity for networking and figuring out how we can all work together for the benefit of our profession.

Also in my final acts as Company Secretary to the National Council, we will be conducting an on-boarding induction process for new National Council members, as well as conducting the Annual General Meeting that all members are encouraged to attend. In addition I will be hosting an information session on the draft Constitution that has been released for members comments. This session will be recorded and uploaded for all members to access via the website. With the permission of the incoming National Council I intend to continue with my involvement on the Constitutional Working Group, but as a state representative.

The last 2 years on National Council have been challenging but immensely rewarding as we reinvigorate AILA. I am looking forward to being free after the Annual General Meeting to devote time to just the State Presidents role (time for a bit of regional parochialism at last!) I am very encouraged by the calibre of the incoming National Council, with 2 excellent members from Queensland being Amalie Wright and David Hatherly

Also a big thanks to members who have recently worked on reviewing and making submissions recently on new public policies and design proposals! This is hard work to review the material, develop the submissions, and undertake consultation with interested members, but it is essential to the profile of our profession that we remain “at the table” as a key industry group that should be consulted on such matters!

Shaun Walsh

QLD President

President's Message - 28 September 2015

Hello QLD AILA members.

There are some great professional activities this month and I encourage you to get involved. This evening in Brisbane the State Executive is hosting the AILA CEO for a joint workshop on advocacy and profile. We are looking forward to embarking on a co-ordinated action plan! At 6.30pm on Thursday evening 1 October QUT are hosting Francesca Veniee of Topotek at D301. What a great opportunity to gain a global perspective on contemporary design. At 4pm on Friday 2 October, our national partners Lappset and Sureplay are hosting AILA Fresh and all members to a site tour of recently installed Parkour equipment at Brisbane Grammar School. Complimentary drinks and nibbles follow at the Normanby Hotel!

Explore event of the new Orion Lagoon at Springfield in Ipswichis being held on Thursday afternoon 8 October. Tickets are still available for the "This Public Life" Festival of Landscape Architecture in Melbourne from 15-18 October.

I am also very pleased to announce that the new draft AILA Constitution is being released to members for review this week. This has been nearly 18 months of work by the working group (which I am very proud to be a member of!) and proposes fundamental changes to the governance of our organisation to ensure it is consistent with the Corporation Act, and AILA be managed in a more contemporary manner aligned with best corporate practice. This draft will certainly receive a lot of feedback, with workshop planned at the Festival of Landscape Architecture to explain the proposal. This workshop will be filmed and be available to all members on the website. Hopefully the start of regular digital capture of CPD and meetings for efficient distribution to members not able to make sessions.

It is intended that the new National Council will review feedback early next year, with an Extraordinary General Meeting planned for March 2016 for endorsement by members. The constitutional review is a fundamental part of the exciting new direction of AILA, and your participation as an AILA member is vital!

Happiness to all.

Shaun Walsh
AILA QLD President

President's Message - 14 September 2015

Firstly congratulations to Amalie Wright and David Hatherly on being elected to the National Council- it will be great having two appointments from Queensland! The incoming National Council are all of a very high calibre and wonderful to see it will be proceeding in such great hands. Amalie and David will be sorely missed in the Queensland Chapter Executive!

On Friday I joined Richard Kirk, AIA State President, Chris Warnock, Engineer Australia State President and Nicole Webb, PIA Representative for the judging of the Gold Coast Urban Design Awards. It was a very interesting day visiting and judging a series of projects across the Gold Coast and a lot of really good design discussions focused on Queensland.

AILA has recently launched a work experience directory which provides high school students with the opportunity to search for work experience within landscape architecture firms. The directory allows students, career advisors and parents to search by location or practice name and provides them with contact details for all of the practices offering opportunities. If your practice currently offers work experience opportunities for high school students or would be interested in doing so please click here for more information. If you have any questions please contact the national office on 02 6248 9970 or [email protected]’.

On Friday 18 September I have been invited by Brisbane City Council to judge the best Brisbane “Parking Day” Installation. PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where teams of creative people transform on-street car parking spots into temporary public parks and other spaces for people to enjoy for the day.

On the 28 September the QLD Chapter Executive will be hosting the AILA CEO for a workshop meeting focusing on profile and advocacy. We are anticipating some good initiatives to be generated from this session!

Come along to the Explore Event on Thursday 8 October : Join the design team in a walk around the FANTASTIC Robelle Domain Parklands: Orion Lagoon. Bring your hat and be prepared to be tempted to dip your toes in!!!

Shaun Walsh

QLD President

President's Message - 31 August 2015

The New Fellows and Members dinner was held on Thursday 20 August in Brisbane. It is a great occasion to welcome new Registered Landscape Architects and Fellows, and the meeting of the “new” with the “experienced” is a great meeting of the minds and ideas. Congratulations to all!

I am looking forward to the AILA QLD Learn Session on “Fundamentals of Contract Administration” held by Graeme Fletcher on the 17th September. Quality contract administration on our projects is critical to quality outcomes and deserves high focus in our CPD program to ensure our “design dreams” are realised on the ground.

It is great that Eureka hosted AILA Fresh Construction Series at the playground project under construction at South Bank Parklands on 17 August. Thanks to AILA Fresh for arranging and Eureka for hosting, it is beneficial for students to see real construction projects underway. I can assure you that the quality concrete formwork in this project is worthwhile looking at alone.

Thanks also to those who participated in the AILA QLD Legacy project workshop. There were some great ideas realised, which will help inform a budget bid for 2016. Keep an eye out for additional workshops and draft ideas, as all ideas are welcome!

We are looking forward to the AILA CEO Shahana McKenzie being in town on the 28 September where the AILA QLD Executive will jointly participate in a session to improve our Profile and Advocacy work, in alignment with National AILA 2020 Strategy. This will be a great opportunity for our new state executive to focus our activities over the next 2 years of our term!

Shaun Walsh

QLD President

President's Message - 4 August 2015

The process for the election of our new National Council has commenced – this time we are able to undertake this process electronically as a result of the investment by National Council in a web based content management system (it is not “just” a website. I have already voted and I can assure that it is easy to use.

We are very lucky to have 2 candidates based in Queensland who will make great National Councillors if elected – Amalie Wright and David Hatherly. But please read all the biographies on nominations on the website and vote for the candidates who you think will best represent AILA interests. The most important thing is to vote!

National Council has recently endorsed a new draft Awards Program and Categories for members feedback. The realignment of the Awards Program is all about how we can align recognition of our best work with increasing our profile to the media and clients. I am very supportive of the draft program, and welcome your views and thoughts to help refine. National Council hope to have the Award Program implemented in time for the Festival of Landscape Architecture in October.

Our new State Chapter Executive had a great meeting last week which used as an induction to ensure we are aware of our roles and responsibilities, as well as being aligned with National Council Strategies. We also started to formulate our priorities as a State Chapter Executive, which will be aligned with the National Council focus on profile and advocacy

And don’t forget – upcoming CPD and other events:

20 August - New Members and Fellows Dinner

17 August - QFresh Construction Tour

17 September - National Seminar Series

Shaun Walsh

QLD President

President's Message - 20 July 2015

Greetings from holidays in Surfers Paradise. I can’t think of any other surf beach location in the world that has a light rail system to get you around and we have used it everyday to get from Broadbeach to Southport and back again, and not used the car once. It is a remarkable transformative project for the Gold Coast and congratulations to all the landscape architects involved in its delivery – I know it’s been around for a bit but this is the first time I have used it.

I was fortunate enough to attend the recent National Council meeting in Darwin and managed to squeeze in technical tour of the Darwin Waterfront park and got some great learnings in in how to manage crocodiles and box jellyfish in outdoor swimming pools in our tropics! There is a lot of great information in the management of tropical landscapes that can be shared between QLD, NT and WA.

The “Festival of Landscape Architecture: The Public Life” in Melbourne in October is shaping up to be a very exciting program and I can recommend the trip south to attend. The inaugural festival in Brisbane last year really set the benchmark for the new AILA conference format as a festival and this second year event looks to be even better.

At a local level would like to invite you to a QLD AILA Legacy Project brainstorming session on the 18th August at QUT. Due to the exceptionally good management of AILA QLD over recent decades we have the opportunity to reinvest in landscape architecture, which also coincides with 50 years of landscape architecture. All members welcome to attend and contribute.

Shaun Walsh

QLD President

Shaun Walsh - President Message. 7 July 2015

Good morning

I look forward to being the AILA QLD State President over the next 2 years. Just so you aware I am still Company Secretary to the AILA National Council, but will be stepping down in October after 2 very interesting years of transforming AILA. It will be great to continue this work at the state level. I intend to keep working on the National Constitutional Review Working Group, and there will be lot more on this in the coming year. As stated at the recent Chapter Committee meeting my priorities are:

- an improved and efficient CPD Event program, with particularly emphasis on a more cost efficient model, as well as capturing it in digital format so it can be used online with our regional members. This is consistent with National Council priorities

- capturing opportunities to having landscape architecture representation on panels and an efficient constructive submissions by our members on design matters seeking public review

- working toward a vastly improved profile associated with the next AILA QLD award process time. The expected rejig of categories at the National and State level will mean award that are attuned to general public and media interest. We need to organise our media sources to capture this information and promote it to a new level

Look forward to meeting you and talking further!