QLD News and Media 2017

Andrew Green, 2017 Karl Langer Award Jury Panel Chair - 19 December 2017

On November 24, the AILA Karl Langer Jury Panel was given the task of interviewing eight students graduating from QUT’s Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture who had been nominated for their academic excellence, and selecting one of these nominees to receive the 2017 Karl Langer Award.

The nominees this year were Adam McEllister, Andrew Ashton, Daniel Jones, Jazz Mill-O’Kane, Kirsten Von Wald, Steven Niven, Tho Pham, and Todd Gallagher. They were judged on their design skills, technical skills, presentation skills, their commitment to and aptitude for the profession, and the existence of a sustaining philosophy demonstrated in their work over the four-year course at QUT.

The nominees all demonstrated an ability to resolve complex problems, delivered presentations that were professional and polished, and presented projects that were highly creative. All of the work the panel saw showed real innovation and creative thinking and this speaks volumes about the quality of the course and the abilities of its graduates.

This year’s award went to Daniel Jones.

Dan led the panel through his Immersive Landscapes project at the Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens, exploring the importance of contact with nature, and setting forth a potential vision for the future of the gardens and surrounding precincts.

His Living Brisbane project in Brisbane’s CBD – a project introducing methodologies surrounding landscape and biophyllic urbanism and introducing biodiverse green infrastructure - created an emergent forest linking the Queen Street Mall to the City Botanic Gardens.

In his final project, Emergence, Dan proposes a landscape of burial and memorial that emerges from both its continuum and the increased value being placed on ecological systems. This, like his other projects, underpinned his personal philosophy around healing the earth using grounded, interrelated solutions that respond to the complexity and uncertainty of our time.

Dan’s projects demonstrated understanding, creativity, and technical strength and all expressed his drive to design places where people want to be. Dan is looking forward to becoming an agent of creative change in a time when change is needed. He is already making a difference in his current role at Brisbane City Council and will no doubt make a significant contribution to the profession of landscape architecture in Australia.

2017 AILA Karl Langer Jury Panel: Andrew Green (Chair), Jamie Franklin and Tessa Leggo.

View the 2017 Karl Langer Nominees project boards.

David Hatherly, AILA Qld Profession Advisory Committee Chair – 5 December 2017

Last week, AILA’s newly formed Profession Advisory Committee met to discuss the current course changes affecting the landscape architecture program and it’s ongoing accreditation. Thank you to QUT’s Gavin Sade, Dean Brough and Claudia Tabordawho were able to attend and brief the Committee on confirmed degree information. 2018 will be the last intake of the current 4 year program before the course changes to a 3 year program that does not qualify for AILA accreditation. From 2019, QUT will start to offer some dual degree options that include the Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture). The first role of the committee is to examine the structure and content of the dual degree options how they could meet AILA’s accreditation standards. AILA and QUT are committed to working together to offer an AILA accredited course in Queensland. The Committee will meet again before Christmas and will continue to update members on committee outcomes. Early next year the university will be in a position to further discuss the feasibility of a postgraduate qualification. Thanks to members who have volunteered to sit on this Committee.

Committee members

Alan Chenoweth

Andrew Galt

Catherin Bull

David Hatherly (Chair)

Glenn Thomas

John Mongard

Leah Tait

Lindsay Thorpe

Riley Donaldson

Shaun Livesey

Georgina Scriha, AILA Qld Chapter Manager - 20 November 2017

I don’t mean to alarm anyone but Christmas is only 5 weeks away! So if you haven’t bought a ticket to your local AILA Christmas party– today is the day!

From dinner in Townsville, mini golf with the architects on the Gold Coast to partying with the planners on the Sunshine Coast...we’ve got some great events organised! The Brisbane party is no exception and will again feature the presentation of the Karl Langer Award along with Christmas festivities.

This year, eight nominated students are in the final stages of preparing their portfolios to present to our AILA judging panel. Congratulations to Adam McEllister, Todd Gallagher, Stephen Niven, Jazz Mill-O’Kane, Daniel Jones, Andrew Ashton, Kristen Von Wald and Tho Pham who will vie for the title of the 2017 Karl Langer Award Winner. Thanks to Andrew Green, Deb Robbins, Tessa Leggo and Jamie Franklin for donating their time to sit on the AILA Judging panel for the presentation this Friday. Best of luck to all nominees and we look forward to the announcement at the event on 7 December!

Georgina Scriha

David Hatherly, AILA Qld Executive - 7 November 2017

You may have read in last week’s Enews that AILA and QUT have begun formal discussions regarding course changes that will affect the accreditation of landscape architecture education at the university. The current four year program will have the last intake in 2018, moving to a 3 year program that does not meet AILA’s accreditation guidelines. AILA has reiterated to QUT the disappointment in the change and in turn the current uncertainty about an accredited course in the future.

To ensure open dialogue between QUT and AILA, an Industry Advisory Committee is being formed to provide advice on next steps to ensure quality landscape architecture education continues in Qld. AILA wishes to ensure students graduating in Qld continue to benefit from an accredited course that enables better career progression prospects and an efficient path to become a Registered Landscape Architect.

Members are invited to participate in the Industry Advisory Committee, for a terms of reference for the Committee or to express your interest, please contact AILA Qld Chapter Manager Georgina Scriha. QUT has reiterated their commitment to Landscape Architecture and assures AILA that they intend to continue offering an accredited program and are looking forward to working with AILA and the Industry Advisory Committee to explore options and continue the conversation.

President Message - Amalie Wright, 18 October 2017

What a week!

It was great to catch up with so many Queensland members at the Festival of Landscape Architecture in Sydney. If you were there I hope you found the presentations and conversations stimulating.

A couple of things to report:

2018 Festival Announced

Next year's Festival will be held at the Gold Coast, with TCL announced as the Creative Directors. I've already marked my calendar for next October, as I can't wait to see what this world-renowned practice brings to a landscape that is familiar to so many of us.

2017 National Awards

These were announced an Thursday evening. It was a good night for Queensland, with local practices collecting a good many of the 28 prizes awarded.

Congratulations to John Mongard Landscape Architects, winning the Award of Excellence in Landscape Planning for Vibrant Towns of the Scenic Rim.

National Landscape Awards were also won by Tract, Logan City Council and Landscapology (full disclosure: that's my practice).

Landscape Architecture on TV

AILA's profile-raising endeavours continue, with the news that a 6-part Australia By Design focussing on Landscape Architecture will premiere on Channel 10 next year. Ten works of landscape architecture from Queensland will feature in one episode (other states and territories have their moment in the sun too).

More info will be available as we start working with the producers, but for now you can check out the "sizzle reel".

This is a great opportunity for us to share what we do with a wide audience.

I also attended a great series of meetings with the Board and with my fellow State Presidents. We met with and welcomed our new CEO, Tim Arnold. AILA is going to focus on consolidating the work started in the past few years, and there continues to be terrific work being done all around the country.

We'll be sharing more in the weeks and months ahead.

Now, back to those emails...



Alexandria Woodward, AILA Qfresh Co-chair, 02 October 2017

You've worked hard and have lots to show for it. So now how do you turn all this into a completely fabulous portfolio and land your dream job? Simple! Come to our two part portfolio sessions starting this Thursday October 5th and November 16th learning from professionals Penny Spiers (Place Design Group), Andrew Green (RPS), Steve Dunn (Dunn & Moran) and Jeremy Chan (O2 Landscapes) excited to let you in on the tricks to making your portfolio stand out!

In other QFresh news we look ahead to the Karl Langer Awards and Christmas Party on 7 December. Who will take out the prestigious Karl Langer Award? Join us at an evening of celebration of all the achievements of the graduating students and the busy year that has been 2017.

Qld President Message - Amalie Wright, 19 September 2017


Today I’m thrilled to share the news that Gerard McCormick and Nathalie Ward have been recognised as Fellows of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects:

Gerard is Principal Landscape Architect at Cardno’s Gold Coast office and has been a long-time coordinator of the AILA Gold committee. Gerard is an industry leader and advocate for the profession on the Gold Coast and south east Queensland. He was participated in numerous committees, reference panels and steering groups throughout his distinguished career.

Nathalie is a Director of Lat27 in Brisbane. Over the past 25+ years she has worked in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia on significant and award-winning projects. She has served on AILA’s Practice Committee and currently is a member of the Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel, and Brisbane City Council’s Independent Design Advisory Panel.

Fellowship recognises two types of distinguished service.

Members can be recognised for service to the profession through raising the profile of landscape architecture, participating in significant projects, consistently high standards of work including the receipt of awards, participating in research, publications and conferences, educational contribution, establishing and maintaining likes with other professions, industry, educational institutions and government, and more.

Members can also be recognised for service to AILA at a State or National level, including consistency of service, successful implementation of projects or initiatives, representation on external forums, service on committees and more.

Both Natalie and Gerard have been advised of their endorsement and will be formally presented with their Fellowship medals at the New Members and Fellows dinner later in the year.

I know you will join me in congratulating these worthy advocates for our profession.



QLD President Message - 23 August 2017

Hello Friends in Landscape Architecture,

Today I'd like to share something that was part of the recent Queensland Awards night, but which hasn't been publicly announced until now: the recipient of this year's President's Award.

This discretionary prize is awarded by the Queensland President to a person or organisation who has made an exceptional contribution to the profession outside the traditional avenues of practice as a landscape architect.

The 2017 President's Award winner is George Williams AM FAILA.

The award recognises George's extraordinary efforts in relation to the celebrations of 50 years of landscape architectural education at QIT/QUT. At a time when he could deservedly be taking things easy, George instead spent countless hours, unpaid, creating a website, gathering anecdotes and reminiscences, and organising a gathering to celebrate this worthy milestone for the profession in Australia.

George was overseas on a well-deserved holiday and only returned to Australia on the morning of the Awards dinner, which is why he could not join us in person and be surprised on the night. Instead, we've let him know in a more low-key manner will make a formal presentation at the New Members and Fellow Dinner in October.

Until then, when you next run in to George, please join me in thanking him for his enthusiasm and hard work.



QLD President Message - 8 August 2017

Hello Friends,

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to your new Queensland Executive.

Following the recent call for nominations the Exec, including Office Bearers, was announced and endorsed at last week's Annual Chapter Meeting. You will hear from each of them in future e-newsletters, but for now please join me in congratulating Jamie Franklin (Vice-President), Candy Rosmarin (Secretary), Ian Don and David Hatherly. I'm excited and honoured to be working this wonderful group of landscape architects and to have been endorsed as President.

We will meet for the first time at the end of August, and with four continuing members we hope to build on the strategic planning and initiatives of the previous Exec.

We thank all outgoing Executive members for their contribution and energy: Shannon Satherley (our outgoing Vice President), Stacey Hack, Alice Hawker, Amanda Larsson, Olivia McBeth, Andrew Neighbour, Cassandra Rose, Greg Thomas, Alex Woodward and John Wright. Most of them will continue to play an important role in AILA, working in a more focused capacity on our committees.

Soon we will be updating the Queensland section of the AILA website to include a chart showing how Queensland's work aligns with the national strategic plan, and who are the people looking after each strategy. There will also be a copy of my President's Report for the 2016-2017 year. We'll let you know once they are available.

Thank-you to everyone who attended the ACM last week. Despite feeling quite under the weather with a cold, it was great to see everyone and to hear from our three speakers at the Awards Showcase. If you missed it, it was a great demonstration of the breadth of life-affirming work we get to do as landscape architects.

Join us for our next event -Keeping it Local: Contemporary Placemaking on 31 August. I hope to see you soon.

All the best,

Amalie Wright

QLD President Message - 24 July 2017

This week:
1. QUT Landscape Architecture Centenary Fund.
2. AILA Annual Chapter Meeting.


1. QUT Landscape Architecture Centenary Fund.
Last week you may have noticed an item about this in the e-news. What's it all about?

As I'm sure you know, QUT was the first Australian institution to successfully offer education leading to a professional qualification in Landscape Architecture.

The QUT Landscape Architecture Centenary Fund will provide scholarships that reward excellence in landscape architectural study at QUT. Its establishment celebrates 50-years of professional education in landscape architecture at QUT.

The goal is to provide scholarships in perpetuity, commencing in November 2017 based on both cash donations and bequests. To get started we need $250,000 in the bank and have about $100,000 to go. Please donate at any level you can and encourage the great landscape architects of the future.

Click on the link in the newsletter for more information.

2. Annual Chapter Meeting

You are invited to the ACM on Thursday 3rd August, where we will give you a brief update on what we've been up to over the past year and announce the incoming Executive for 2017-2019. This is a great opportunity for members to hear about the diverse subcommittees working quietly behind the scenes, learn about advocacy initiatives, representation on panels and industry forums, how we are tracking financially and more. It's our honour and privilege to be working on your behalf so we look forward to seeing you there.

Amalie Wright
AILA Queensland President

QLD Membership Committee Message –10 July 2017

As part of AILA's commitment to its members, the Queensland AILA Executive have formed the QLD Membership Committee to stimulate continued AILA membership growth in Queensland across all categories of our Queensland membership by continuously increasing the perceived value of membership.

The QLD Membership Committee will work closely with the National Membership Committee to drive national initiatives through to our membership, but we understand our needs and desires are often different to other states. For example, our Queensland membership is quite dispersed with a good number of members located outside SEQ (Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Mackay). Therefore, increasing quality membership engagement and access to quality CPD programs in our regional areas, are key objectives of this committee. You can find out more about the key objectives of the QLD Membership Committee in our Terms of Reference.

However, we are also keen to hear more from you, the members, if you have any ideas on how we can improve value to our members we would love you to contact us.

David Hatherly

AILA QLD Membership Committee Chair


The Queensland Landscape Architecture Awards 2017 event was held on Thursday night, 22 June, celebrating the very best of landscape planning, design, management and community engagement.

The leadership and innovation demonstrated in the award winning projects shows the extent to which landscape architects value add projects to build community capacity, enrich the environments we inhabit, enhance the state’s liveability and stimulate economic development.

Almost fifty projects entered the Queensland awards, with 14 winners crowned across 10 categories including civic landscape, community contribution, play spaces, parks and open spaces, landscape planning, urban design and land management.

Community engagement was a key theme of this year’s awards with many projects reflecting how Landscape Architects have provided communities with genuine opportunities to participate and contribute meaningful dialogue on projects when shaping our public realm and built environment.

Award winning projects exemplify the benefits of this interaction where LA’s capably assisted communities to self-manage and become actively involved in shaping project outcomes, undoubtedly contributing to success.

Landscape architects have this year shown a deeper sense of community conscience, innovation and passion, working on projects with little or no budget to guide and nurture outcomes, acting as true stewards of the public realm.

While it is easy to be caught up in the euphoria of new initiatives, this year LA’s have also demonstrated their unique flair for expressing understanding and compassion in acknowledging loss, interpreting impacts of natural disaster and community hardship.

The prestigious awards were granted to projects that promote quality of design and shape our cities and neighbourhoods by realising the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of excellence in planning, design and management of our urban and natural environments.

Landscape architecture continues to grow and diversify and the awards program is a great indicator of trends within the industry and a celebration of the creative and innovative spirit of our talented planners, designers and place managers.

The awards program highlights the level of commitment required to nurture ideas, secure partners and funds to convert them into real projects. Strategic project initiatives filter through, often taking several years to achieve tangible works on the ground, creating memorable and liveable spaces for our communities.

Having participated in judging over the last 3 years it is clear that Landscape Architects have become embedded at all levels of the project cycle and are increasingly overseeing projects from inception to delivery as exemplars for our communities.

Regional practices have strengthened their positions, particularly by partnering with local government and again proven that great things are also happening outside of the SEQ region.

The rise and sustainability of small practices has shown the resilience of the profession post GFC, proving you do not need a big firm to deliver big outcomes.

Small interventions in the landscape have proven to be a catalyst for change and enable activation of spaces in waiting for comparatively small investment. The awards program has shown how LA’s are excellent place facilitators, able to respond to emerging and opportunistic community needs to enhance liveability and social engagement.

On behalf of the jury I would like to express my gratitude for the professionalism displayed by the jurors and in particular acknowledge the participation of Jane Irwin who travelled from Sydney to represent the national office this year.

Jurors have a difficult and challenging task and dedicate significant time to read background material and familiarise themselves with the merits of each project before judgement day. Having an interstate member on the jury helps to maintain a sense of balance across the country and allied professionals who partner with AILA bring objective critique to the process.

New professionals Taneile Nixon and Steph Tartan also assisted and showed great maturity and confidence in the way they contributed to the judging and record keeping.

In closing, the logistical support, event coordination and professionalism of Georgina Scriha should not go unmentioned for without her dedication, energy and dogged determination to keep us dreamers on target, the awards event would not have happened.

Wes Mortensen FAILA

2017 Queensland Awards Jury Chair

AILA QLD SUN Chair – 14 June 2017

The technological revolution is here and you have to be in the pack to understand how our urban cities and local places will need to respond. Last week AILA SUN hosted an event by Sunshine Coast Council’s Smart City team about how they are integrating smart city thinking and outcomes into the Sunshine Coast’s urban environment. Plus the Sunshine Coast is hosting the REMIX Academy Summit, Creative Places: Nurturing Creative Communities that explores interaction between ecology, creativity and innovation.

Smart city technologies, driverless cars, shared work spaces and the community’s desire for flexibility and authenticity means that the public realm environment will need to adapt if we are to meet the needs of a connected, smart and creative community. Within the next decade will see a significant change in the way we design streets and public spaces, and Landscape Architects are at the heart of bringing this all together.

To meet this challenge Sunshine Coast Council has established Australia’s first Smart City Living Lab, testing viable products and showcasing real-time results of new smart city technologies that capture, monitor and manage data around lighting, parking, environmental conditions, irrigation, security, underground vacuum waste etc. This is key to understanding and managing smart city infrastructure and engaging our minds about how we might respond when designing the built and natural environments. In council’s brand new CBD, Maroochydore, these technologies will be put to the test as the Sunshine Coast moves into the implementation phase of the technology revolution.

Stay formed and attend the second specialREMIX Academy summiton the Sunshine Coast, 1stSeptember, which has been developed to explore the ingredients needed to nurture creative places and communities.

Cities around the globe are striving to create innovation districts but increasingly need to move beyond the cookie-cutter approach of replicating the 'Silicon Valley model' towards building a more complex creative ecology with arts and culture embedded at their core; a formula which is driving the growth of the creative industries and the tech sectors of cities such as Berlin, London and New York.

The one-day conference hosted at University Sunshine Coast invites national and international experts to provide insights on topics including:

How can the arts can influence and shape urban development projects?

How we think about holistic place-making when thinking about the infrastructure of cities?

Is the growth of a creative city largely organic or can we engineer it through tools such as policy and investment?

How do we balance top down with community empowerment and grass roots cultural activity?

Tickets on sale now

Jamie Franklin


QLD Advocacy Committee Message - 29 May 2017

Recently we have re-formed the Advocacy Committee in Queensland with the aim of positioning AILA Queensland as a recognised and leading design advocacy body amongst government bodies and key stakeholders. Our goal is to raise the awareness of the role that landscape architecture has in the future of our built and natural environments; but also how design can lead to longer-term economic growth and greater social outcomes for our communities.

The Queensland Advocacy Committee is here for you as a voice for our profession. We want to hear from you about the issues that are of concern to our future and where landscape architects can contribute towards developing a better Queensland. We realise that there will be a multitude of topics so will start small and focussed. We are also developing our engagement strategy for 2017/18, which we will keep you up to date on.

So how can you get involved in advocacy? There are three simple ways. Firstly, there are still a few seats available on the committee if you want to help from the front end. Second, let us know if you have an appropriate issue or topic that you want to tackle and need the support of AILA Queensland. Lastly, if you are an expert or have a skill in a particular field or sector and are not sure how you can get involved; just start by contacting us and registering your interest.

If you want to know more, get in touch.

Hope to see you at a future event.

Ian Don

Advocacy Committee Chair

QLD President Message - 15 May 2017

1. Recent Event Thanks

2. Awards

3. Executive Updates

Recent Event Thanks

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the inaugural Queensland Small Business Salon, held at our venue partner, Brickworks. I was fascinated to hear how three of my small business colleagues have appreciated their businesses, and I hope the audience found it informative. We’ve had quite a few events in recent weeks and huge thanks must go to the members involved in organising and attending, and to our State Manager Georgina, whose plate is fuller than a starving student at an all-you-can-eat buffet!


Hopefully you read last week that we’ve had 48 entries in this year’s Queensland Awards. It’s wonderful to see so much work being completed and then celebrated. Don’t forget to book your tickets for the Awards Dinner on Thursday 22 June – I look forward to seeing you there.

Executive Updates

Last week your Exec team met to discuss progress on our strategic plan for the next two years. We are in an election year, which means positions on the Exec will be open for nomination. If you’re interested in helping please get in touch. Please note that there are many ways, apart from Exec, that you can assist. If you’d like to help with a particular event, or have a focus on education or CPD, we can tailor a role that makes the best use of your time and skill. The possibilities are endless!

In coming weeks you’ll be hearing from other members of the Exec team, not just me. This is a really good opportunity for you to meet some of the other members working on your behalf, and for them to talk to you about issues of particular relevance to them. We hope you enjoy this broader perspective.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Amalie Wright

AILA Queensland President

Call for Nominations - Qld Executive Elections - 8 May 2017

The two year term by the current Qld Executive team is almost up. Are you interested in taking on one of these roles driving AILA Qld further forward as a powerful voice championing quality design for public open spaces, stronger communities and greater environmental stewardship? Please send all nominations to q[email protected] by Monday 5 June along with a completed Nomination Form. Voting will take place in June.

Email your confidential nomination

State Manager Message - 2 May 2017

Georgina Scriha - AILA Queensland State Manager

I just got back from visiting family in Airlie Beach and Mackay. It was amazing to see the community spirit that has gone into the areas affected by Cyclone Debbie. Whilst there is much more to go, it was impressive to see the clean-up work that has been done in the past few weeks since my last visit.

The work of volunteers is invaluable to disaster relief like this as well as to our own community and non profit groups.

Here at AILA, our members volunteer their time across a range of activities including internal committees, representing AILA on external committees, RLA interviews, award juries, organising events and more.

All this volunteer time allow us to grow as an organisation and help profile the work and contribution of a landscape architect. Giving back to the profession to help it grow and prosper.

Next week is National Volunteer Week (NVW) held from 8-14 May 2017, the largest celebration of volunteers and volunteerism in Australia. In recognition of this, I would like to take a moment to thank you to all of our AILA volunteers who give up some of their time every week, month, day or year to help each other, the profession and the wider community by giving something back.

If you are interested in becoming more involved, make sure you email me at [email protected]. Many hands make for light work!

President Message - 10 April 2017

I hope you and your loved ones have come through Cyclone Debbie safe and dry.

Both Georgina, our State Manager, and I are from Mackay and our families have come through in one piece. There are many other AILA members with family, friends, colleagues and projects in affected areas of Queensland and northern New South Wales, and our thoughts are with those who’ve suffered loss and setbacks.

Professionally, it’s always humbling to witness the natural systems of the planet at work, and be reminded that nothing we do, no project we work on, exists in isolation.

In other news, the Queensland Executive met last week for a four-hour strategy session. It says a lot that your fellow members collectively volunteered over 40 hours of time to focus on how we can best work for the benefit of Queensland landscape architects over the year ahead.

In the past few newsletters Georgina has been asking if there’s something you can to do help. If there’s something you have an interest in – education, CPD, registration, an issue affecting your local area – please reach out. Don’t think that a small, targeted contribution is not important!

Take care, and for those on holidays – enjoy!

Amalie Wright - AILA Queensland President

President Message - 20 March 2017

Who grows the plants you specify? Ever feel like the plant you’ve selected isn’t available when it comes time to planting? Is there a world without lomandra?

Last week the Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland opened the doors of its Autumn Trade Day to AILA members. A small group of us enjoyed fresh bacon and egg rolls, great coffee, and … what was that other thing…oh yes, a walking tour led by NGIQ Board Member Christina Gnezdillof of Evergreen Connect. Read morehere.

Commercial nurseries from all over south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales were represented, each with a particular specialisation, ranging from leafy foliage plants, succulents and cacti, hedging and screening, beautiful grafted standard grevilleas and more. some of these growers supply retail nurseries, some are the ones your landscape contractors deal with and buy from.

All the people we spoke with were knowledgeable and approachable – a great group of people for landscape architects to know. Think of the challenges from their viewpoint: if we want large stock of an interesting tree to go into a project that’s about to start construction, they would have needed to plant it years before the project even existed!

Trade Day is on each month, generally, at the RNA in Brisbane. We’ll continue to let you know the dates, so please feel free to come along and make connections with our landscape allies at NGIQ. You can also follow them on Twitter @QldNursery .

Have a great week, and enjoy this rain!

Amalie Wright - AILA Queensland President

President Message - 6 March 2017

On Friday evening I had the pleasure of attending an event to celebrate of 50 years of the Landscape Architecture course at QUT. It was an honour to represent AILA Queensland, and as many of our members have close ties with the course,I’d like to share the few words I was invited to contribute. AILA and its members have always enjoyed a close relationship with landscape architecture at QUT.

AILA is the profession's accrediting body, and there are two groups that contribute to AILA’s accreditation and education endeavours.

Firstly we have the National Education Committee – the NEC - whose purpose is to advise the Board on matters of policy and its implementation with regard to Landscape Architecture Education, Accreditation and Research.The NEC Chair provides a significant leadership role in the accreditation process, and that important position is currently held by Shannon Satherley.

Then we have the National Accreditation Review Team: a mix of practitioners, academics and current students of landscape architecture. Each time a University seeks accreditation for its program, a group is assembled to make the accreditation visit. AILA members from outside Queensland have sat on panels to review QUT’s landscape program (successfully I might add), and members from here have done the same for interstate universities.

It goes without saying that whether we practice landscape architecture in government, in consultancies or client side, we want our educational institutions to succeed.That is definitely true here. AILA’s members are committed to QUT. Each year the full-time teaching staff is supported by many practitioners who take time away from their businesses to tutor, guest lecture and mentor students.In turn, AILA’s practitioner-members go on to employ the majority of graduates.

AILA also seeks to recognise future leaders of the profession.The most significant way we do this is the Karl Langer Award. Each year QUT nominates its top graduating students, who then present to a panel of AILA members.Andrew Green, himself a Karl Langer Award winner, has chaired the panel for the past 11 years, and it’s the depth of enquiry and breadth of interest shown by the QUT students that keeps him returning year after year.

Finally QUT graduates have always contributed to the profession through their involvement in AILA, at both State and National level.Currently the Queensland Executive is dominated- dominated! - by QUT graduates and our Vice-President is Shannon Satherley. AILA Fresh has been incredibly successful in Queensland, with QUT students driving a number of really great initiatives.Nationally, the current Board includes QUT graduate Shaun Walsh.

And over the past 50 years, 7 National Presidents and many more National Councillors, Board and Committee Members have hailed from Queensland, most of whom have had a strong relationship with QUT either as teachers, visiting tutors, or graduates.

So on behalf of all the AILA Queensland members, I heartily congratulate QUT on this wonderful milestone, and I hope our relationship continues to bear fruit for many years to come.

Karl Langer Winner Interview

Presenting Taneile Nixon - Winner of the 2016 Karl Langer Award!

After her outstanding win, AILA Queensland spoke to her about what it means to be the recipient of the 2016 Karl Langer Award. Read the interview here.

President's Message - 20 February 2017

In this update:

1. What’s Up With the Conference?
2. Buildings That Breathe joint event
3. Happy 50th QUT Landscape Architecture!

Last week we ran our well attended Parks Forum on Fear in Public Spaces. Thank-you to AECOM for hosting us, and to our three terrific speakers. The event was recorded and will be uploaded to the AILA website. This will be a great way for our members outside Brisbane to access quality CPD content. We will keep you posted once it’s live, and we look forward to your feedback.

1. What’s Up With the Conference?

I’ve recently had a few members ask about the landscape conference that’s being held in May. This is an independent event with no connection to AILA: our Festival of Landscape Architecture will be held again this year in October, building on the success of the previous 3 years. There will be National Awards function, two days of conference, and a host of side events, all running 12-15 October in Sydney.

One of the cornerstones of AILA’s Strategic Plan is “raising the profile of the profession” and we think it’s just great that people are so interested in talking about landscape architecture!

2. Buildings That Breathe

Our next local CPD event is Buildings That Breathe, jointly delivered by AILA with Brisbane City Council and the Australian Institute of Architects. AILA Fellow Katharina Neibler-Walker will present case studies, including Conrad Gargett’s award-winning work at the Lady Cilento Hospital.

Se below for more details and booking information.

3. Happy 50th QUT Landscape Architecture!

This year marks 50 years since the establishment of the landscape architecture course at QUT. An evening of celebration is taking place on Friday 3 March, and I hope many of you will come along to celebrate this fantastic milestone. See you there!

Amalie Wright - President

President's Message - 6 February 2017

In this update:

1. Parks Forum: Fear in Public Spaces

Thanks to everyone who attended our CPD and networking events last week: we've had positive feedback. The Queensland Executive also held its first meeting for the year, and we enjoyed a really informative presentation by Clint and John from ACO, one of our terrific Corporate Partners. Our next event is sure to be popular, so read more below and make sure you book your ticket soon!

1. Parks Forum: Fear in Public Spaces

The Parks Forum has become a popular annual event for us, and this year's topic is sure to result in some robust discussion. When I was in Canberra for last year's Festival of Landscape Architecture it was impossible to miss the heavily defended street frontages of all federal government buildings. Since then there have also been proposals to restrict access to the lawns covering Parliament House. Register here.

For me, the greatest thing about the public realm in our cities and towns is that it is truly democratic space: everyone has the right to use, enjoy and experience the public realm.

This year's Parks Forum explores what happens when we start to fear the public realm.

Our first speaker, Assoc. Professor Winnifred Louis, from the University of Queensland will explore The Psychology of Fear. What are some of the natural and artificial cues that can make people more fearful in parks? What processes can make people more comfortable? Relevant cues include signals of threats and of resources for security, but also signals of who we are as park users, and of which activities and social standards are expected to occur or apply for park users.

Next, will be an examination of how we can apply this in practice, led by Shaun Walsh, AILA National Board Member. Speaking from the perspective of a landscape architect, Shaun will examine the practical application of the IED and Hostile Mitigation Place Guidelines to public spaces, including modeling up a theoretical scenario.

See below for more details. I hope you agree this is a important topic for landscape architects to consider, and I look forward to seeing you at an AILA event soon.


Amalie Wright

President's Message - 23 January 2017

In this update:

1. January/February Events
2. Advocacy
3. 2017 Festival of Landscape Architecture – Date Claimer

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you had a relaxing break and are getting back into the swing of things without too much angst!

As always, AILA’s dance card for the year ahead is already filling up. Here are a few things underway at the moment:

1. January / February Events

The Small Business Network is hosting an evening networking event on 1st February at Darling & Co.

There will be a lunchtime CPD event on 2nd February at Brickworks covering certification in play equipment.

We will hold a breakfast CPD event on 16th February exploring Fear in Public Spaces. This event is being recorded for uploading to the website so it can accessed by members outside Brisbane.

Watch out in your weekly newsletters for more info on each of these events.

2. Advocacy

AILA and our members are involved in ongoing advocacy efforts. At the moment a working group is finalising a response to the Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan. Advocating to Government is one of AILA’s four strategic goals, and last year we provided a response to all major policies and drafts released for public comment.

The Cultural Centre Draft Conservation Management Plan has just been released for public comment and this will be discussed at our next Exec Meeting on Monday night, so we can make sure the right team is in place to draft this response. If you’d like to be involved please get in touch.

3. 2017 AILA International Festival of Landscape Architecture – Date Claimer

Make sure to mark your diaries for this year’s Festival of Landscape Architecture, which will be held in Sydney 12-15 October. The Festival includes the 2-day National Conference, National Landscape Architecture Awards, student and public programs, tours and more – if the last 3 years are anything to go by it will be a huge success.

It’s great that the profile of landscape architecture is so high at the moment – Architecture Media also recently announced a landscape conference. We hope you’ll join your profession and your Institute in October to strengthen the influence and voice of landscape architects across Australia.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2017.

Amalie Wright