AILA WA Bushfire Fundraiser

Does your school, home, business, playgroup, community centre have an outdoor space that needs some attention? 

Would you like a professionally designed concept plan to give you some inspiration and direction for this space? Maybe you need a plan to jazz up a grant application?

Would you like to help save wildlife and rehabilitate habitat affected by the current bushfires?

Donate a minimum of $350 to the WWF Bushfire Appeal and we will undertake a concept design for your school, business, community group for free! 

Our members are donating their services to provide up to 20 community groups with a concept design, this work is valued at thousands of dollars per design so you are getting a good deal and helping a good cause.

*****Deadline extended until 19 February 2020*****

Who we are

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) champions quality design for public open spaces, stronger communities and greater environmental stewardship.  We are saddened and disturbed by the amount of destruction and devastation our communities, landscapes and wildlife are experiencing due to the ongoing fires burning across Australia.

AILA’s Bushfire Position Statement captures the role that Landscape Architects can play in the management, mitigation and response to bushfires.

Who are WWF
The Australian chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature is currently running an appeal for donations to help save burnt wildlife and koalas.  Your donation will help WWF Australia have the emergency funds to care for injured wildlife, and then restore homes for koalas and other animals when the fires clear.

$50 helps to plant the first 10,000 trees in critical koala habitat, while $75 can help provide emergency care and medicine for injured koalas.

$100 can protect existing forest, woodland and wildlife that live there, wile $150 can help put pressure on governments to strengthen laws that prevent excessive tree-clearing.

More Information on WWF.

What we ask from you
We ask that you check through the information below on project requirements.  If your project is suitable please fill out the briefing form.

Project Requirements
As professional landscape architects it is very important for us that we have a good understanding of site conditions, client expectations and user needs.  In order to provide this service pro-bono and in a timeframe that can raise significant money quickly we are simplifying this process.  We will still be sending you a quality design but we do ask for your understanding that this will be a high level conceptdesign.

What it will include:
A professional design that shows key moves, ideas and inspiration for your site;
A suggestion for materials, types of plants, furniture etc;
An approach that is tailored to the budget and scope you outlined in your briefing form; and
General recommendation on what to do next.

What you will receive:
A digitial A3 coloured plan of you site, including images to assist in demonstrating the concept;
An A4 sheet providing additional advice to help you implement the design.

What we can’t do:
We can’t provide a guarantee on budget, but we will keep the budget you supply in mind.
We can’t provide detailed information on materials, plants or furniture, but we will give you enough guidance that you could seek advice form a nursery or supplier and get what you want.
We can’t assist with detailed advice such as water features, health of existing trees, electrical elements, playground safety or irrigation design for example – you will need to pay an additional consultant to formalise these, but we can put you in touch with the right person!
The A3 coloured plan will provide enough guidance for you to implement yourself (if you’re handy like that!) or to take to a few landscapers to get priced up.  We’ll try to give you the best value for money we can.

The site should be approximately  120m x 100m maximum.  If you’re not sure you can check on Google Maps, just right click and press ‘measure distance’.  If the site is larger than this we can’t fit it onto an A3 page at a suitable scale.

The Process
So you’ve checked out the Project Requirements and you have the perfect location and money to donate. Please fill out the briefing form.  This must be completed by close of business 5 February 2020.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to email [email protected].

We will send you an acceptance email once we have double checked all the information.  In that email we will give you details for how to make your donation.  Once the donation is made you can sit back and relax while we prepare your plans.

We will be having a Design Day on 21 February 2020 at one of our members offices.  On the day we will allocate an office to your project – you will have a minimum of two qualified landscape architects working on your concept design!  Keep an eye on our social media as we will keep everyone up to date with the process as we go.

Within one week of the Design Day you will receive an email which will include your A3 coloured design in PDF and Jpeg.  There will be a supporting page of information on next steps for you to assist in implementing your concept design and details on the firm who undertook your design.

As you can understand, delivery of the plans will formalise the offering in exchange for your donation.  Should you wish for any changes or additional details to be provided we can assist at an hourly rate.  Our members regularly undertake pro-bono work or reduced fee work for community organisations so where we can we will facilitate simple questions at no cost, or further works at a reduced cost, but this will be at the discretion of the firm who undertook the design work. 

Need further information?
Please email [email protected] or call Carmen on 0499 112 752.