AILA Queensland Conversations with Elders

Join as we celebrate the launch of AILA’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in Queensland. Listen to the sharing of stories, wisdom and insights from two distinctive Elders of different cultural backgrounds and with diverse life experiences. 

Adj Assoc Prof Phil Heywood and Aunty Ruby Sims are acknowledged and awarded for their commitment and contributions to community, have relevant and informed perspectives, and a richness of dialogue that converges to allow deeper reflection and insight of the issues discussed.

The Conversation with Elders will present as an informal sharing of people, philosophies, knowledge and ideas. It will also discuss how we can build respectful and collaborative partnerships with traditional custodians to improve landscape design outcomes.

As their conversation unfolds, we can consider our own strengths and contemplate ways to participate in the shared journey towards Reconciliation.

Topics covered include understanding and respecting cultural and spiritual connections, philosophy, communication, establishing rapport, and what you can bring to building relationships.

Conversations with Elders - Main Discussion

Conversations with Elders - Main Video

Conversations with Elders - Audience Discussion 1

Conversation with Elders - Audience Discussion 2