Retired Membership

Continue your contribution to the profession – for no cost. Retired membership is available to previously registered landscape architects.

Share your knowledge

  • contribute to online forums and eNewsletters
  • connect with the next generation through AILA’s Mentor Program
  • contribute to National Council or State and National Committees

Consolidate your expertise

  • gain discounted access to workshops and seminars
  • receive industry trends, insights, events and product discounts via national and state eNewsletters
  • continue to use the ‘AILA’ suffix after your name

Build community

  • attend state-based networking and events
  • go international, with automatic membership of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA)
  • engage with allied professions through membership of the Australian Council of Built Environment Design Professionals

Who can apply?

Applications for Retired membership are invited from Landscape Architects who have been previously registered for at least five years. Applicants must be working or teaching as a Landscape Architect no more than eight hours per week.


No fees are charged for Retired memberships.

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