NSW Botanical Gardens Tour

NSW Botanical Gardens Tour

Join AILA NSW and AILA FRESH NSW for a tour of the Sydney Botanic Gardens. centering on the amphitheatre and the Sydney Modern extension at the Art Gallery of NSW. The event will feature speakers Ann Deng (McGregor Coxall), Georgie Kimlin and Sue Barnsley (Sue Barnsley Design), and NSW Partners Andreasens Green and Coordinated Landscapes. The tour will conclude at the Calyx cafe for a light lunch.

Sydney Modern Extension

Inspired by the native landscape of Gadigal Country, the Sydney Modern extension at AGNSW centres restoration of Country. 50,000 Australian native plants, specified to ensure biodiversity, provide diverse sources of pollen to sustain native bee populations, while 585m2 of green roof reduce heat island effect and absorb stormwater. Featuring 3,500 yam daisies, traditional food of the Gadigal People, the wildflower roof gardens are a seed bank for the rare daisies. We will be meeting at the Entry Plaza, go through the gallery space to visit the wildflower roof, then to the Sydney Sandstone Woodland garden, down towards Woolloomooloo stairs, go back to the northern stairs of the landscape area on top of the oil tank.


Sydney Amphitheatre

Sue Barnsley Design and Co-Ordinated Landscapes will present their recently completed Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Amphitheatre. The amphitheatre is a musical performance and events space linked with the Conservatorium on the city edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.  A place connected to the key pathways of the garden and at the same time a place of intimacy.

The project gently refigures a warping, triangulated lawn, beside the Polynesian Collection Garden, into an arcing line of grassy seats with a small stage at its focus.  A walkway from the south enabling easy access.  The new setting a simple, intimate space for performances, talks and ceremonies for 80 people.  The perimeter lawns offering informal seating for bigger events. The amphitheatre and new ‘sound garden’, sits easily within this historic landscape, as a point of transition between the formality of the Herb Garden, and the open lawns and picturesque ridgeline that leads to Government House and Tubowgule / Bennelong Point.  


Event timings:

9.45 am           Meet at Amphitheatre on behalf of Co-ordinated Landscapes (Sue Barnsley and Georgie Kimlin)

10.30 am        Quick walk through the Botanic Gardens (Darren Mason)

10.45 am         Start tour of Sydney Modern (Ann Deng)

11.45 am         Quick walk through the Botanic Gardens (Darren Mason)

12 noon          Calyx Café (Laissez Faire)

Thank you to NSW Partners Andreasens Green and Co-Ordinated Landscapes for their support of this event.








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Thursday, 22 February 2024
9:45 am to 1:00 pm
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Mrs Macquarie's Road
Sydney NSW 2000

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