General Meeting of Members - Changes to AILA Constitution

General Meeting of Members - Changes to AILA Constitution

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Notice of General Meeting to seek a Special Resolution to Change the AILA Constitution 

Notice is hereby given in accordance with section 12 of the Constitution of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) of a General Meeting of Members, called by the Company, to put forth a special business as per section 12.3 of the constitution to members for voting. 

The Board of AILA wish to propose amendments to the AILA Constitution to correct several outdated or inconsistent elements. The process for amendments is outlined in section 24 of the constitution. 

The proposed date and time for the General Meeting of Members is Friday 30 June at 12:30pm AEST. The meeting will be held virtually. 

Registration & Attendance

Register for the EGM and the zoom link will be sent to your registered email the day prior to the meeting. Contact [email protected] for more information. 


AILA has recently undertaken a comprehensive review of our key Governance Policies as part of our commitment to good governance and two of our key strategic objectives, namely, 

  • AILA continues to review and improve its governance framework. 
  • AILA has a safe, supportive and growth orientated culture. 

AILA has identified proposed updates and improvements to our constitution as part of this review. 

A complete list of these proposed changes may be found here. 

These proposed changes have been identified by Board, staff and via the engagement of external consultants including those specialising in inclusive practice. 

The proposed changes also reflect amendments to the Corporations Act, which the constitution correctly referenced at the time of writing. 

None of the changes proposed affect in any way the present governance structure of AILA, the stated objects of the company or categories of membership. 


  1. Notice is provided to members of a General Meeting, with a minimum of 21 days’ notice. 
  2. Members register to attend the General Meeting. 
  3. Members unable to attend may vote via proxy form. (00AC89) 
  4. A general meeting may only proceed to vote if there is a quorum of 20 members (either in person or proxy). 
  5. A member information session will be held on Friday 23 June at 12:30pm AEST
  6. Members will have a chance to ask questions and discuss the proposed changes with Board representatives and the AILA CEO. 
  7. General Meeting held virtually on Friday 30 June at 12:30pm AEST. 
  8. Member present to vote on each of the changes presented. 

Note: Voting is only open to Full AILA Members (Registered Landscape Architect, Registered Landscape Architect Fellow, and Registered Landscape Architect Retired). 

AILA continues to be committed to good governance and transparency and encourages you to view the documents above and below and to also attend the information and Question and Answer session outlined above on the 23 June

Please do not hesitate to contact AILA CEO, Ben Stockwin [email protected].

Katie Earle 
AILA Director and Company Secretary  

AILA Constitution
Proposed Changes to AILA Constitution
Proxy form for voting if unable to attend General Meeting 
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Friday, 30 June 2023
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