WEBINAR: Climate Positive Design Outcomes

WEBINAR: Climate Positive Design Outcomes

Join us for an insightful webinar featuring two 2023 AILA Climate Positive Design Awards winners: Hanlon Park/ Bur’ada by Tract; and South Parklands by TCL.

The webinar will delve into the climate positive design features of each project and how the Pathfinder tool was used to measure the carbon impact. 

Following this, Tract and TCL will engage in discussion including overcoming hurdles in climate positive design, sourcing low carbon materials, council and client attitudes and lessons learnt post-occupancy.


National Climate Positive Design Citation - Hanlon Park/Bur'uda
Awarded to: Brisbane City Council, Tract, Bligh Tanner, Epoca Constructions, and AECOM

Hanlon Park/Bur’uda Waterway Rejuvenation successfully reassesses historical flood mitigation practices through engagement with the Nunukul Yuggera Traditional Custodians and local community; the deployment of natural processes of erosion and deposition; landform modelling to maximise the retention of trees for carbon sequestration; material salvage and reuse; extensive proposed canopy and understorey planting; and the fostering of active transport connections. The project successfully combines flood and heat mitigation with increased biodiversity, delivering enhanced cultural, social, environmental and economic benefits. The jury recognizes the climate mitigation results, evidenced by using the Pathfinder tool, as well as the ongoing site monitoring and evaluation that has demonstrated increased species richness and water clarity.


National Climate Positive Design Citation - South Parklands Wetland
Awarded to: T.C.L

As part of a broader flood mitigation strategy, South Parklands Wetland’s landscape-first approach enriches the cultural, amenity, and ecological values of the Adelaide Park Lands. The jury commends the project’s focus on design leadership advocacy, consultation and collaboration across multiple disciplines, jurisdictions and stakeholders. The project skilfully navigates stormwater harvesting with the removal of introduced species and the retention of sensitive ecosystems, including remnant and significant trees. It minimises excavation and successfully integrates the wetlands within the character of the existing parklands. The design carefully uses endemic plants to conserve and enhance chequered copper butterfly habitat, broader biodiversity and to promote environmental and cultural values and education.






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Thursday, 30 May 2024
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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