ShadeSmart Program: Module 5 - Design 2

ShadeSmart Program: Module 5 - Design 2






Design 2 and Compliance


Design 2- Introduction

AAG Chair - Andrew Turnbull


1. Benchmarks and Innovation

- Shade sails-  Materials, performance and considerations -Alfresco Shade 

- Shade technologies - new horizons -Prof. Matt Santamouris

-Bespoke Shade Design - Julie Marler


2. Design Process and Delivery

AILA NSW President- Tanya Wood

- Industry partnership

- Product performance

- Specification

- Procurement

- Warranty

- Maintenance


3. Certification and Verification

AAG Chair - Andrew Turnbull

- Post install compliance

* Who's responsibility          (Whose responsibility? or Who is responsible? )

* Design and product performance

* Lifecycle audit

* Maintenance provisions

Live Q & A


Tanya Wood is an award-winning registered landscape architect based in Sydney, Australia. Tanya has worked on hundreds of landscape projects both within Australia and internationally and has developed a unique and functional approach to design with her own private practice. With a passion for residential landscape architecture, Tanya leads projects from initial site consultancy through to construction and into preservation. Tanya Wood is also the current AILA NSW President having previously held the Vice President role for 2020-2021. Tanya was a member of the National AILA Honours Committee 2019-2021. Tanya was a jury member for the AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards (2020). Tanya lectures and tutors at The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for the Masters of Landscape Architecture and Masters of Architecture courses. Tanya was a Master of Architecture Studio Lead at UTS during 2021 and is currently the Course Coordinator for Professional Practice at UTS for Masters of Landscape Architecture and Honours students.


Powerpoint presentation and Resource Library





Wednesday, 02 November 2022
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
2 Formal CPD CPD Points