ShadeSmart Program: Module 4 - Design 1: Performance & Tools

ShadeSmart Program: Module 4 - Design 1: Performance & Tools




Design 1: Performance and Tools

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Shade Structures and Performance - Alfresco Shade

Tom Westcott - Alfresco Shade

- Shade structures and performance - brief, value and options

- New paradigms in the playground environment

- Cost-effective but durable and safe design

- Trends in shade

Shade Provision: Safety Through Design

Kim Cooke - KidSafe Australia 

- Australian standards

- Key considerations and benefits

- Case study - UV Smart Cool Playground


Design Tools and Shade Modelling

AILA Member - Michael White

- Targets - heat, shade and UV

- Verification - Software applications

- Industry resources


 Resource Library


Live Q&A




Tom Westcott

Director at Alfresco Shade for over 24 years. Alfresco Shade is an Australian based manufacturing company providing innovative, contemporary shade solutions for “Outdoor living” in Australia, and the Pacific. The Outdoor Living product range of Alfresco Dining, Umbrellas, Exterior Blinds and Sun Shades are all designed to provide permanent protection from the elements yet never loosing that feeling of being outdoors. 

Kim Cooke

Kim has had involvement in the design and development of outdoor play spaces with a specific interest in creating opportunities for mindfulness for children, through the use of exploration in natural play spaces. Kim has extensive experience in Local Government across all Education and Care Service types. Kim is enthused to support and continue to develop valued partnerships with the community and playspace stakeholders, to create amazing, inclusive and safe play spaces for everyone. Kim also holds nationally recognised credentials in playground inspections and is a qualified vocational trainer in playground inspection courses. During Kim’s involvement with Kidsafe she has been involved in the design consultancy and review process for many public spaces, early childhood and school settings. She has taken part in working parties such as Everyone Can Play and Places to Play Guideline as well as representing Kidsafe on Standard Committees.

Michael White

Michael G. White is a research student completing his PhD in simulation-based planting design at the University of New South Wales. His specialty is the application of digital tools to landscape architecture, including the development of custom tools and programs which allow the creation of virtual plants which can grow and change with the seasons. Michael is currently working in Sydney as a Senior Landscape Architect at Hassell.

Wednesday, 31 August 2022
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
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