LATITUDE | Living Architecture Re-Run

LATITUDE | Living Architecture Re-Run


Due to the hugely successful event in 2022, AILA will be re-running our LATITUDE Masterclass with Graeme Hopkins again in 2023.

This workshop/master class with Graeme Hopkins will demonstrate the important and innovative evidence based research developed by Fifth Creek Studio from a number of major research projects spanning 12 years of work. Findings from this research can be used to develop or influence design processes that support Living Architecture or Landscape on Structure strategies for the built environment under changing climate conditions.


Focus of the Session
The master class/workshop will look at several research projects as case studies and their resultant findings that provide data and innovative design ideas that can be developed and incorporated into a landscape design. Like many research projects, unexpected important data can occur and this valuable information can be very influential to the designer and the built environment.


Objectives of the Workshop

  • Current exclusive, independent monitoring and data collection for Australian conditions that underpin this research for Living Architecture and landscape design.
  • How to use this research to inform urban landscape design.
  • Design Guidelines or Toolkit formulas for Living Architecture projects including:

    - Insulation calculator for green roofs
    - Profile depth time delay for peak temperature in green roofs
    - Living walls, CO2 and carbon sequestration rate/m2 formula
    - Light conversion for Lux to PAR formula
    - Light plant survival level in building and distance from window/ building edge
    - Limits to natural light for plants in buildings
    - Conforming to BCA and NCC codes for natural ventilation for high rise carparks

  • How different plant species determine air temperature above green roof vegetation.
  • Light penetration for Sky Gardens in buildings without supplementary lighting.
  • How to develop innovative outdoor urban cooling using this research.


Learning Outcomes

  • Better understanding how research can influence landscape and urban design to develop a more resilient city.
  • Understand the importance of research in the design process.
  • How to use the development of Design Guidelines and Toolkits formulas that can influence the design process at conceptual stage and create a better understanding of the complex sciences and other factors in Living Architecture.
  • How research data is essential for sustainable design for the changing climate, through examples.
  • Future direction for new research and development.


  • This workshop is highly relevant to all Practices and Academics who work in the Living Architecture and Urban Design disciplines. Students and recent graduates would benefit greatly from this current exclusive, independent research.


  • Online presentation analysing the research case studies of Graeme Hopkins’ last 12 years research and development, interspersed with break/group discussions. Finally ending in group discussion about future direction of this research discipline.
    Note: Presentation notes will not be provided on this occasion however a one page summary sheet will be shared with participants after the session. Detailed content included in the presentation is unpublished research and will not be shared due to copyright


 Graeme Hopkins
Graeme Hopkins is a retired Registered Landscape Architect and Registered Architect. He was principal of Fifth Creek Studio (FCS), and since the 1980s he has developed expertise in WSUD design and implementation, and the use of landscape strategies and natural systems within urban environments to provide climate change adaptation, with a particular focus on micro climate modification through the use of living architecture technologies such as green roofs and walls. He received a Churchill Fellowship in 2005 to study green roofs and walls overseas.

 His book Living Architecture: Green roofs and walls (co-authored with Christine Goodwin) was published by CSIRO Publishing in mid-2011. Fifth Creek Studio was awarded the AILA South Australia Medal for Landscape Architecture 2011-12 for the book and in 2014 the National Excellence Award for Landscape Architecture for Research, Living Architecture: Where science meets design.


His research has been recognised by various government bodies throughout Australia, by engaging FCS to peer review and provide cutting edge research and information to their guidelines and documents. His 40 years of practice and strong research credentials gives him a balanced sustainable focus.






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