Short presentations: 3rd City Ecosystems

Dr Libby Gallagher, Gallagher Studios

Dr Libby Gallagher will share her landscape design research and practice mitigating urban climate impacts.

Prof Rob Roggema, UTS Sydney

GO WEST! Landscape-based urbanism in the 3rd city of Sydney

The landscape’s systems of water, food, energy, elevation and ecology offer us the ingredients for a new form of urbanism. Instead of a plain urban supposition of the landscape in times of urban growth, the landscape offers the structuring framework for a renewed design thinking of the urban. 

This pre-designed landscape framework offers the potentials for urban carving. Learning from European and Sydney case studies on densities, urban life and housing, the landscape allows these to carve out new occupations. 

This design-oriented study then presents a whole new relation of Australian urban growth to the receiving environment. Landscape systems pre-occupy the spaces in which the urban entities grow. Its relationship with nature and climate is investigated through a research by design method. 

The impact of urbanism and the co-development of the landscape are central in the approach. In a series of six aligned design studios in the Masters of Architecture and a professional intensive design week a new story for the 3rd city unfolds, in which the identity, liveability and sustainability of landscape systems dictate the urban appearance. 

The results of this design study will be presented within a theoretical context of urban-landscape relations.

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Dr Amy Hahs, Urban Ecology in Action

Dr Amy Hahs combines research and practice and will demonstrate how her works help develop green, healthy cities and towns and resilient ecological systems in areas where people live and work.

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