Jacky Bowring

Jacky Bowring is Professor of Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand. With research interests in memory and emotion, Jacky has explored this terrain in both designed works and scholarly investigation, ranging from the Memorial Garden at Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral through to the book A Field Guide to Melancholy. Competition successes include a final placing Pentagon Memorial Competition (with Australia’s Room 4.1.3), Cavalier Bremworth Awards for the Otira Roadworkers Memorial and Thermal Baths Theatre, and three wins in the Urban Gaze Urban Design competition. Christchurch’s earthquakes have been a significant focus for recent design and research, including as a design juror for the Earthquake Memorial, and a member of the winning team in 48 Hour Design Challenge for the redesign of the city. Recent articles include ‘Melancholy, Memories, and Six Nostalgias: Postquake Christchurch and the Problems of Recalling the Past’; ‘Christchurch as Lisbon: The legacy of the Seismic Sublime’; ‘“Looking after things”: caring for sites of trauma in post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand’.

Image credits
  • Holy Trinity Memorial Garden Columbarium
  • HT Memorial Garden Labyrinth
  • Otira Roadworkers' Memorial
  • Pentagon Memorial
  • A Field Guide to Melancholy