Tanya Court

Tanya Court is the Director of the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Adelaide. She originally trained as an artist at Curtin University before attending RMIT to study landscape architecture. Tanya works as a landscape architect and artist, focusing mostly on the public realm. Her work seeks to extend understandings of what constitutes landscape architectural practice though a variety of means including policy writing, institutional and civic landscape design, street furniture and public art projects. 

Significant projects include the sculptural project helmet, with Cassandra Chilton installed at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Mrs Robinson, a bike rack commission for the Adelaide City Council and the temporary installation Packing with Jess Miley for the Felt Natural exhibition. Tanya was part of the winning team for international Royal Adelaide Hospital Competition. A key concern of all projects has been contribution to an improved and more engaging public realm.

Image credits
  • Helmet by Tanya Court & Cassandra Chilton, 

    Banksia Gateway Sculpture Project, 

    Manningham City Council (photographer: John Gollings)

  • Helmet by Tanya Court & Cassandra Chilton, Banksia Gateway Sculpture Project, Manningham City Council (photographer: John Gollings)
  • Mrs Robinson
  • Packing by Tanya Court & Jess Miley