Rarely do we hear how landscape architects work with materiality and detail design. Instead discussions tend to highlight the ‘big’ ideas – the meaning of the work or a more general response to ecology, community or program. With a focus on the urban detailing required of the Square and the Park, designers will offer an in-depth account of how materiality is embedded in their design processes. Discussions will cover the potentials of fabrication, the budgetary challenges of balancing ‘off the shelf’ with bespoke outcomes, and the ephemeral materiality of digital media and lighting.


Jane Irwin

Jane Irwin is director of JILA, a small multidisciplinary team with projects ranging from garden courtyards to city making.    Crossing scale and project typologies, the common thread within our work is a process that is artistic, flexible and appropriate.  We cultivate an informed and specific design language that speaks to the authenticity of place and its rich cultural associations. 

Mark Jacques

Mark Jacques is Director of Openwork, an office undertaking projects in landscape architecture, urban design, research and speculation. In 2015, Mark was appointed Professor of Architecture (Urbanism) Industry Fellow within RMIT's School of Architecture and Urban Design. Openwork operates in four modes: as a landscape architectural consultancy providing the design and documentation of public places; as an urban design studio providing input to plans and policies that will enable future public places; as a research lab, aligned with RMIT exploring counter-factual futures for the city and as a speculative office, investing consulting profits into undertaking the types of projects that no one has yet asked them to do.

Huicheng Zhong

Huicheng Zhong is the managing partner and creative director of Lab D+H. With offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Seoul and Los Angeles, Lab D+H projects have been recognized with many international awards. Huicheng is particularly interested in research, education, and pro-bono endeavors, where he aims to connect Design with Hope. Prior to founding Lab D+H, he worked at SWA Los Angeles.  Huicheng received his Master of Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and his Master of Urban Planning from Beijing Forestry University.