LATITUDE | Place-led Community Engagement Masterclass

LATITUDE | Place-led Community Engagement Masterclass

This masterclass will focus on how traditional design processes can benefit from the integration of place-based community engagement.

Focus of the Session


This session will present examples of best-practice community engagement in the built environment industry. Participants will be introduced to a diverse range of case studies from across Australia that demonstrate ways in which community touchpoints can be incorporated multiple times through the life of a project. Finally, participants will work together on an activity to put their learnings into practice through the design of a stakeholder engagement plan.


Objectives of the workshop 


  • Present industry best practice examples of community engagement, specifically on projects with a physical built outcome.
  • Develop the skills, understanding and confidence of participants to deliver successful community engagement outcomes.
  • Explore opportunities to extend beyond traditional engagement processes to integrate and carry through community ideas into the final built form outcome.




This session will be a discussion-based workshop with short presentation elements combined with ample opportunity for participants to share their own experiences of engagement. The final activity will see groups work in 3’s on a fictional landscape project.


Learning Outcomes


  • Understand what best-practice community engagement looks like in the built environment context.
  • Increased understanding, skills and confidence to deliver community engagement on their own projects.
  • Ability to design a stakeholder engagement plan which meets the needs of diverse groups.




This workshop is suitable for any built environment professional in any stage of their career who is interested in seeing better community engagement outcomes in their own workplace as well as across the industry as a whole.




Brooke Williams - Director, Fourfold Studio

Brooke is the founder and director of Fourfold Studio and previous manager of CoDesign Studio’s Queensland team. She is an industry thought-leader who through her years of experience has co- founded the not-for-profit organisation U.R{BNE} Collective, delivered internationally acclaimed activations and championed the placemaking movement in Queensland. Having begun her career as an Urban Designer, Brooke brings a unique perspective to community engagement undertaken in the built environment industry and how local people can be best placed at the centre of the decision making process.








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Thursday, 26 May 2022
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
$200- $300

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