The membership category of Fellowship is an honour that AILA may bestow upon registered members of AILA  and is made in recognition of distinguished service to AILA and the profession.

Nomination process

  1. AILA Board, through the People Recognition Committee (PRC), will call for nominations once a year. 
  2. The initial nomination of the Registered Member is to be undertaken confidentially, without the knowledge of the member. 
  3. The AILA Fellowship Nomination Form is to be completed by two registered members acting as Proposer and Seconder.
  4. The Proposer and Seconder cannot be employed at the same practice as each other.
  5.  Each must comply and sign the declarations within the Nomination Form.
  6. A 'Citation' is to be completed by the Proposer and Seconder and is to accompany the completed AILA Fellowship Nomination Form.
  7. At closure of nomination period, nominations will be collated and presented to the PRC for initial noting.
  8. The completed nomination form and citation are presented confidentially by the PRC to the relevant Chapter Executive for verification and commentary.
  9. Once the nomination has been reviewed by Chapter Executive, the completed nomination form, citation and CV (if provided), along with any commentary by the Chapter Executive is provided to the PRC via the AILA CEO.
  10. PRC evaluates & recommends to Board for approval or otherwise.
  11. Nominations are finalised by Board.
  12. Nominee is invited to accept fellowship via telephone by State Chapter.
  13. Chapters will work to ensure the citation and record of service is full and accurate.
  14. Upon acceptance, the Fellow will work with the Chapter to arrange recognition with peers.
  15. Publishment of the conferment on the AILA Website and AILA News with the approved citation.
  16. AILA may undertake media releases to publicise the conferment.



The intention is for nominations to be considered by the National Honours Committee and the AILA National Board once a year, to allow co-ordinated assessment, publicity, and conferment ceremonies.  



14 August 

Open call for fellowship nominations.

31 August

Closing of fellowship nominations form
September Completed nominations to be received by Chapters Executives for review 
October People Recognition Committee to review entrants and provide recommendations to the AILA Board for final approval or otherwise
November AILA Board to make final evaluation.

Chapters to advise recipients/entrants of nomination and conferral of fellowship.

Nominee/Entrant to confirm acceptance of conferral.

Find Fellows

AILA's Fellowship recipients can be found with our search page.