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Gay Williamson
ACT Executive Member



19 March 2024


Well there are a quite a few things to mention this time around............


The one that is top of mind is the Margaret Hendry Forum.   We are still receiving positive comments around the subject, the speakers, the venue and (quite gratifying for me and Joanna) the organisation.   This year was the best attended - 2/3rds of the Shine Dome was filled, so next year we are aiming to fill it.  The forum is a key event for our Chapter as a social,  advocacy and inspirational event. IAs a public event it is an excellent opportunity to talk about the big 'global'  issues, how they affect our region and the contribution that Landscape Architects can make. Next year bring a friend and lets get "Ken Berrans"  putting the even tin their calendar.

And once again I would like to thank the sponsors - their contribution is significant to keeping the event alive! 

Another key event in Canberra, at Parliament House was the Urban Design Awards on the 18th of March.  AILA along with PIA and the AIA host these awards - an initiative started by the Hon Paul Keating.   I think it is really important to celebrate projects where the key built environment professions collaborate.   There were some very impressive projects, however, I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed that some of the Nationally Awarded Landscape projects were not in the mix.  You have to be in it to win it! 

The announcement of the Parliamentary Friends for Urban Design is very positive.......We have to get a politician who is Landscape Architecture savvy on the Committee.  One thing I am hoping for is that they might suggest adding another category to the awards.....Transformative projects. I guess you could argue they come under leadership and advocacy but not exemplars lead to change and if we are to arrest our trajectory to 2degrees global warming we need some great big step changes in urban management!

City Hill Ideas are being rolled out - I didn't get to the exhibition but hope many others did.

Last but certainly not the very least we did have a Chapter meeting attended by 5 of us!  Coming out of the meeting is  a CPD event to get us all up to speed on some of the key ACT legislative changes affecting trees and residential development...........will let you all know when we get the logistics sorted for it.  

While we are on CPD, anyone got some other suggestions? 

Oh and the very last is UC - there will be an end of semester exhibition of the second to third year design, technology and theory work. Invitations on the drawing board!


ACT Executive Member
Gay Williamson