AILA joins the conversation at IFLA World Council and Congress in Nairobi

As a global profession, Australian landscape architects can only benefit from greater connectedness. AILA President Peta-Maree Ashford and CEO Ben Stockwin attended the recent IFLA World Council and Congress in Nairobi, Kenya, part of AILA's continuous work towards strengthening international relationships. 

The Council opened with a call to arms from IFLA President Dr Bruno Marques, calling on attendees to work together in coming days to commit to effective communication with the 'outside world' as to what landscape architects bring to the policy table to meet the urgent and pressing challenges facing the world.
Throughout their time in Nairobi, Peta-Maree and Ben met with fellow member countries to work towards an improved approach to brand-based membership, registration, profile building and advocacy. They also presented a session to council on AILA's corporate governance, chapter structure and approach to strategy and operations.
Thank you to IFLA and to fellow council members for an illuminating week.