AILA relaunches website to showcase a dynamic and respected organisation

Dear Members,

AILA has relaunched its website this week to provide a central portal to showcase the dynamic and respected profession of landscape architecture, represented by the dynamic and respected organisation of AILA.

It gives me great pleasure to present to our members on behalf of the board and staff of AILA, our new website which is designed to provide stakeholders with quick and easy reference and information that showcases the role of AILA, specifically, and landscape architecture more broadly.

The brief was to create a website that showcases what is a visual and beautiful profession, provide ease of navigation, imbue in members a sense of pride and inspire non-member landscape architects to join over 2,700 of their colleagues in providing a collective voice for the profession.

“AILA leads a dynamic and respected profession: creating great places to support healthy communities and a sustainable planet.”

AILA Vision and Mission Statement

The design of the website is focussed towards  an external audience and is open and welcoming to all. This supports AILA’s Advocacy and Profile strategic objectives of ensuring that the role of landscape architecture is understood and respected by the general community, other built environment professionals and all levels of government. It provides the springboard for a huge range of advocacy and profile building initiatives planned for the coming months and years.

Next month will see the launch of our new landscape architecture community platform, ‘Memberscape’. This is an AILA member-only online environment that will allow community building, knowledge sharing and peer to peer interaction never before possible. This platform is the 21st century update to what was previously the members only section of our website. We look forward to launching this on the 12th of November at our AGM.

We hope you enjoy  our new refreshed website. We are proud to share it with you and trust that you will communicate it with your friends and colleagues. We hope, also, that it represents your profession in the best possible light and that you are proud to say you are a member of AILA.

There has never been a better time to be a member of AILA and we thank you for your  ongoing support and look forward to continuing to increase the value-proposition for you, our members, and for those soon-to-be members.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of Kaye Hall in leading this project, the entire AILA team for their collective support and energy and the Board for their vision in supporting the website and our broader IT transformation.

Ben Stockwin,

Ben Stockwin, AILA CEO