Message from Ben Willsmore FAILA, AILA Director

Earlier this week AILA hosted the latest Member Connect webinar on the 2022 Landscape Architecture Salary Survey. The Member Connect forums provide us with a genuine opportunity to connect with members across the Country, and share with you the work AILA is progressing in support of the vision and mission set out in AILA’S Strategic Plan.


It was great to see the high level of member registrations for the latest Member Connect and the interest in the Salary Survey results.

In December 2021, AILA surveyed Landscape Architects, via the membership, with 754 responses received representing every state, across a range of different practices and with a broad spectrum of professional experience.

The report, which was released on Wednesday, summarises the results that were gathered to provide meaningful and contemporary resource to support all members.

Intended to be an annual initiative, it is anticipated that the value of the survey will increase as we are able to provide greater comparison of results over the years and the identification of changes across the profession.

The detail within the survey has prompted a number of discussions across the Board, and these points of interest were reflected in the questions raised by members during the Member Connect Q+A.

For Employers and Employees, the survey is a valuable benchmark of salary, compared against roles performed, years of experience, reporting responsibilities and location of practice. This should provide an important tool to help both sides manage expectations when the often sensitive issue of remuneration is raised. 

It also highlighted the other benefits staff can receive, in addition to their base salary. The value of flexible working hours, staff training, support for AILA membership as well as additional leave allowances, provide popular examples of other benefits that can be considered in negotiations, beyond on the salary amount. As we emerge from the constraints of COVID, these non-salary benefits may grow in importance for staff retention and part of a desired criteria for a preferred employer.

The Survey also reinforced why Gender Equity is recognised as one of AILA’s three Strategic Values. It is clear in the results that the level of female representation is severely lacking in more senior roles, as well as the female dominance of part time roles vs full time roles. The data warrants further investigation and follow-up through the Gender Equity Committee and the Practice Committees to consider what other initiatives AILA can pursue to seek to address these stark gaps, strengthening AILA and advancing the profession for all.

To view the Landscape Architecture Salary Survey, please login into AILA’s Memberscape.

For anyone who couldn’t join live, please view the recording of the Landscape Architecture Salary Survey session

Thank you to our National Corporate Partner, Planned Cover and Cos Cirocco, for supporting this webinar.

Ben Willsmore FAILA
AILA Director 

Ben Willsmore FAILA, AILA Director