An October Director's Message from Jasmine Ong

Australia faces an era where the wrath of climate change – from scorching heatwaves to torrential floods – is no longer an abstract concept but an evident reality.  

Now, more than ever, the role of landscape architects in crafting resilient, adaptable, and sustainable environments is paramount. Landscape architects are not merely designers of aesthetic spaces; our work plays a key part in safeguarding our ecological future. Through strategic thinking, and the integration of green infrastructure, water-sensitive designs, and native planting, we are planning, designing and constructing environments that can both mitigate and adapt to the evolving challenges of our changing climate. 
AILA and our members are at the forefront of championing this pivotal role. AILA's continued advocacy to governments at all levels, where we highlight the policy support and solutions our members can provide government, resonates and is welcomed by all we have met. Additionally, by fostering education, research, and collaboration, AILA ensures that its members are equipped with the knowledge and tools to drive forward a vision of a resilient Australia. 

Last month, the AILA Climate Positive Committee asked for input from AILA members, via the Climate Positive Resources Survey. Your responses to this 5-minute survey will assist us in understanding how we can develop resources to best support the climate positive practice of our members. Thank you to those who contributed thoughts and ideas; we look forward to sharing the results with you. For further information on Climate Positive Design, please visit the AILA website

In other AILA news, the 2023 Festival of Landscape Architecture: UN/EARTH, and at the National Landscape Architecture Awards will be hosted in Adelaide this month. I look forward to catching up with you there. 

Jasmine Ong AILA
National Director 

Jasmine Ong AILA, AILA Board