A December Director's Message from Andy Sharp

As 2023 draws to a close, the AILA Board extends sincere thanks for your dedicated contributions this year. Your commitment has propelled our profession forward, evident in the impressive projects and shared dedication to creating sustainable and resilient places. 

Looking ahead to 2024, the collaborative spirit that defines AILA remains strong. Your engagement through events and sharing insights is crucial for our profession's momentum. We value your active involvement and are excited to have you as part of our community. 
Reflecting on the year, our strategic initiatives have guided AILA toward a sustainable and impactful future: 

1. Fit for Future: 
Our pursuit of a more cohesive 'One AILA' emphasizes collaboration and communication at all levels. This strategy, crafted through negotiations, ensures responsiveness to industry changes while maintaining flexibility for chapter-led initiatives. The constitution revision reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. 
2. Financial Stability: 
AILA remains committed to prudent financial management. Despite economic challenges, our sound financial position is reinforced by in-house financial control led by Nathan Moore. The Finance, Risk, and Audit Committee's oversight ensures a return to surplus in the coming year. 
3. Strong Advocacy: 
Your voice shapes AILA's advocacy priorities, evident in our member sentiment survey. Working closely with government bodies, AILA contributes insights to address built environment challenges. The Advocacy manifesto positions AILA as a leading voice for positive change, fostering collaboration on policy initiatives promoting sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity. 
4. Broaden our Membership Base: 
AILA's mission to be the leading voice for the Built Environment Sector involves expanding our membership base. By including public practice landscape architects and other built environment professionals, we enhance our collective impact, fostering innovation and addressing sector challenges. 
5. Support of the Education Lifecycle: 
AILA's commitment to supporting the education lifecycle of landscape architects is evident in ongoing professional development and collaboration with university programs. The successful education summit and collaboration with the International Federation of Landscape Architects underscore our dedication to continuous learning and growth. 
As we conclude this transformative year, thank you for your commitment and professionalism. Together, we've achieved great milestones, and with confidence, we look forward to a year of even greater successes in 2024. 
Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. 
Warm regards, 
Andy Sharp 

AILA Director

Andy Sharp, AILA Director

Andy Sharp, AILA Director