Ozbreed Greenlife - Plant of the Month

Once a month, Ozbreed Greenlife will showcase a plant or two! Read more below.

Ozbreed Green Life for decades has worked with a large network of growers across Australia, to provide no fuss, functional and reliable landscape plants to the professional landscape industry. Well over 100 of its Landscape plants are regularly used by Landscape Architects. Most nurseries in Australia can now grow the plants, improving supply.  Ozbreed is delighted to sponsor AILA and to share its beautiful, thoroughly tested, new range of green life, providing the industry with a wider choice of reliable plants. For further information about Ozbreed, please head to their website www.ozbreed.com.au


Ozbreed Zen Grass®: The Future of Lawns!

Say goodbye to endless mowing with Zen Grass®! Trim on average each 1 to 3 years. This low-maintenance, fast-spreading Zoysia grass is denser, weed-resistant, and boasts a unique rippling surface. Enjoy its lush greenery year-round with minimal care. Perfect for Japanese gardens, garden walkways, or as an alternative to traditional lawns. Experience the tranquility of Zen Grass® today!  Available pots only, not instant turf. Visit our plant page now to learn more about why this unique Zoysia grass is a must-have for every landscape. 


Unleash the Magic: Mundi™ Westringia!

Tough, beautiful, and effortlessly chic, Mundi™ Westringia is your landscape secret weapon! With low-maintenance glam, it blooms masses of white flowers, thrives on neglect, and plays nice with any soil, including wet soils. Perfect for those who believe in making a statement with less effort. 


Introducing Aussie Rambler™: Nature's Showstopper!

Dress your landscapes in beauty with Aussie Rambler™ Carpobrotus! Boasting extra-large, showy pink flowers and a talent for tolerating heavy soils, this ground cover marvel is perfect for rockeries, mass plantings, or as a sand dune stabilizer. Thrives in both coastal and inland gardens, even in chilly Canberra!


"Discover Tanika® Lomandra - Australia's Landscaping Legend
For 15 years running, Tanika® Lomandra has reigned supreme as Australia's favorite landscape plant. Its exceptional drought tolerance, erosion control, functionality, and low maintenance, coupled with its sheer beauty, make it the top choice for landscape architects. Enjoy year after year of evergreen elegance with its free-flowing fine strappy leaves

"Discover Clarity Blue™ Dianella - The Landscape Architect's Dream Plant! 
Looking for the perfect accent plant or colourful groupings? Look no further! Clarity Blue™ Dianella is here to elevate your landscaping game.

>  Clean blue foliage 
> Clumping habit 
> Handles periodic wet feet 

It's the ideal choice for landscapes in NSW, ACT, SA, WA, VIC, TAS, and QLD.

Give your projects a pop of color with Clarity Blue™ Dianella!"


"Unleash the power of nature with Blue Horizon™ Eremophila and Aussie Flat Bush™ Rhagodia. Their unique blue foliage and resilience make them perfect for creating stunning ground covers and low borders. Embrace their beauty and versatility in your landscape today." 

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