A message from Owen Cafe

21 Feb 2023

With the year well underway, submissions coming out of our ears, and deadlines appearing in our dreams, it's a perfect time to pause and remember why we are all here.

Why we are landscape architects.

Why we put that curve there and obsess over what granularity the rocks are in the dry creek beds we turn to so frequently.

A time to reflect on the conversations of the past year of the year to come and the power we all have, in every decision, in everything we do, to impact change.

Last year as an industry we came together at the ineffably moving 2023 AILA Festival: Country to talk on our responsibility to it. Last year we sat together and opened ourselves to understanding the land on which we live. Last year we made promises.

Promises to Country, to community, to the incredible spaces we curate.
We internalized a vision of what we may achieve together, a bright meaningful future.

So as the year moves on and the speed of what we do amplifies, let us not forget the “why” in all we do. Let us hold to our power as landscape architects and agents of change. Let us realize the future we envisage as a community of people with the capacity to do so.

Owen Cafe, Whadjuk-Pindjarup
AILA QLD Connection to Country Network
Principal Landscape Architect, Blaklash