23 May 2023

Greetings and welcome to this edition of the AILA Qld Enews.

On approaching mid-year 2023 like others I’m sure, the year feels to be rocketing by! Whilst grateful for the opportunities it presents, it sees me dividing myself into ever smaller pieces and finding time pressures ever more challenging!
In my family life, professional practice and roles with AILA, I continue to be challenged to improve the ways as a discipline we can advocate for ‘landscape’ in all its forms.

I enjoyed a recent interview on the topic of debating (apparently as a nation, Australians excel at this?) and pondering about the application to the practice of landscape architecture. When advocating for a project or site outcome, like in proficient debating of any topic, it’s important to clearly understand and even be empathetic the ‘other sides’ arguments.  So within this framework, examining alternate perspectives and reasoning, we can more clearly interrogate our position or resolutions, creating ‘room’ for superior project and community outcomes. As members of AILA on the ’front line’ of practice we can be in an enviable position of influence. With the recent events and discussions for reconciliation week as well as for urban greening and infrastructure in the media, I would encourage all to seek any opportunities to discuss, debate and collaborate in private and public forums. 

Remember no effort is too small or less important in this context, but it is important to have a voice!


A message from Lisa Mercer