26 March 2024

Truthfully, my head is spinning with the pace of 2024 to date.


Recent events have caused me to reflect professionally on those things we agonise over in our projects which just pale into insignificance compared to the complicated, intense current world events, as well as our national, regional and local issues.

It feels we are constantly bombarded from all sides. This was heightened for me personally with the recent passing of George Williams, whom I knew as a quiet and humble man, playing a key role in my (and so many other) landscape architects formative years in Queensland.

So, with this in mind, maintaining perspective in practice, choosing our ‘battles’, really interrogating those things that are not negotiable and importantly those that are is so important.

We have such great opportunity to professionally ‘bridge’ the gap with broader strategic thinking in addition to refining the minute detail to make significant difference in project and community outcomes.

There are many events scheduled for AILA members this year, and I would encourage all to make time for at least one or a targeted selection of these to build your professional resilience and help maintain your perspective.



A message from Lisa Mercer