Suzie Rawlinson, Regional Landscapes Group Chair 

Hello AILA Queensland members,

With the world focused on the Glasgow COP26 Climate Summit I am reminded of the important role of Landscape Architects in advocating for climate responsive solutions in our work every day. In an article recently published in the ASLA Landscape Architecture Magazine the authors said, in relation to ‘designing just and multi-functional energy landscapes’, that Landscape Architects cannot wait for an invitation. (Nicholas Peuzner, Yekan Ko, Kirk Dimond, June 2021) This is an important reminder to all of us and applicable to all of our work. In 2022 I encourage you to take the initiative and not wait to be invited to offer better landscape outcomes. To insert yourself into the conversation and participate in advocacy as Landscape Architects seeking development that is more responsive to community values, to Country and to the environment broadly. 

There is a lot going on at AILA Queensland with Christmas fast approaching. I wish the Karl Langer Award nominees all the best with their presentations to the jury in mid-November. The winner will be announced at the Christmas party on December 9. I will be joining with the AILA Queensland Executive and sub-committee chairs in November for the 2022 AILA Queensland planning session. I also wish to thank you to those who have expressed interest in our sub-committees, there are lots of opportunities to contribute and work together through these committees. 

The AILA website has had a face-lift and will be live soon. AILA will also be launching ‘Memberscape’, a new way for members to connect. We are hoping that this could include forums on topics of interest to members, such as a Landscape and Visual Assessment, so those who are working in this space can connect and share information. Memberscape will house many of the member resources that are currently in the member section on the website making them more accessible to everyone.

As always if you have anything you’d like to raise with the AILA Queensland, please get in touch.

Suzie Rawlinson, Regional Landscapes Group Chair