AILA SA President's Message

15 November 2021

A voice of reason?
Public benefit, public good. 
It’s a very simple and democratic position for the planning and design of public spaces, in public ownership for the betterment of people, plants and animals. 
It’s a position that has guided and maintained the Adelaide Park Lands since it was designed and gazetted over 185 years ago.

Your AILA SA responded to the recent consultation on the State Government’s Riverbank Precinct Code Amendment with arguably our strongest submission in many years. 

Whilst the Adelaide Park Lands are focused on the city and inner suburbs, the principles and values of accessible, green, usable, and beautiful parks and streets are applicable everywhere – let me know if you have views on this!

Our submission, which can be found here, focused on:

1. Reflecting the current and endorsed (and award winning) Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy 2015-2025, which is the current and endorsed ‘master plan’ for the Park Lands for the Riverbank Code Amendment (of which there is no mention in the consultation material)
2. The new Women’s and Children’s Hospital code amendment
3. Broader Riverbank planning and design issues
We made eight recommendations:
1. The Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy 2015-2025 is used to assess the benefits or otherwise of the Riverbank Code Amendments.
2. All development in the Adelaide Park Lands must be focused on public uses and benefits. 
3. All development in the Adelaide Park Lands, including the Code Amendments, must include early engagement and inclusion of First Nations people. 
4. The Riverbank Code Amendment needs to outline clearly the outcomes sought in the consultation – as it is not clear. 
5. The State Government must consider and/or demonstrate alternative plans for car parking, transport access and general access to the nWCH avoiding the need for building car parks on the Adelaide Park Lands. 
6. The Code Amendment must address the protection, enhancement and improvement to biodiversity and habitat of Karrawirra Parri/River Torrens. 
7. The Riverbank Precinct must have a holistic and agreed Master Plan.
8. Ensure Karrawirra Parri/River Torrens is considered more inclusively, as a natural and cultural asset, and is not simply an ‘add on’. 

Our submission has been well received, including by the City of Adelaide, with a positive response from the Lord Mayor:

"Thank you for taking the time writing to me to share your support for the City of Adelaide’s position regarding the State Government’s Riverbank Precinct Code Amendment and proposed developments. 

Thank you also, for sharing AILA’s submissions to the State Government’s community consultation process which closed on 27 October. I am, as I’m sure you are, keen to read the results of the consultation when they are made public.
As Lord Mayor I wrote to the Premier of South Australia to request that:
The relevant State Government Minister or Department refer the proposed Women’s and Children’s Hospital project, Riverbank Precinct Code Amendment and proposed Riverbank Arena, to the Australian Government’s Minister for the Environment for consideration as actions which may affect the National Heritage Listing of the Adelaide Park Lands and City Layout as per requirements of Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.
The State Government to form a working group with the City of Adelaide to inform the delivery of the proposed major projects in the Riverbank Precinct to achieve maximum community benefit.
I also wrote similar letters to the Premier, and relevant ministers, through my role as the Presiding Member of the Adelaide Park Lands Authority. Both Council and the Adelaide Park Lands Authority made formal submissions to the State Government on the Riverbank Code Amendment as part of the consultation. Council’s submission incorporated the advice of City of Adelaide’s Reconciliation Committee, ensuring that the Kaurna people’ feedback on the amendment and proposed developments is heard.
At our recent Council meetings we have resolved to undertake two additional actions:
Inviting the State Planning Commission, Attorney General’s Department staff, and Minister for Planning to undertake a site visit of the Adelaide Park Lands with the Lord Mayor, Councillors and key City of Adelaide staff
Writing to the Minister for Planning and Local Government, seeking an independent review of the Community Engagement Charter processes and its effectiveness
Thank you again for your support of the Adelaide Park Lands. For your interest I have linked both the City of Adelaide’s and APLA’s draft submissions to the consultation process.
City of Adelaide’s Draft Submission – Attachment B to item 4.1
APLA’s key messages for its submission – Attachment A to Item 3.1 

Kind regards
Sandy Verschoor"

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Daniel Bennett – AILA SA President