AILA SA Executive Message

A greener, healthier, inclusive, and climate resilient South Australia: a new State Government
We are on the other side of South Australia’s state election and we have a new State Government, led by Peter ‘Mali’ Malinauskas, who becomes the state’s 47th Premier. 
A hearty congratulations to Peter and his new team, and AILA SA looks forward to advising and supporting the new Government’s direction, policies, strategies and plans.  There are many positive policies outlined in the ALP’s platform, and I look forward to hearing more, particularly around our four election ‘asks’ outlined in AILA SA’s 2022 Election Manifesto. 
On the day of the swearing in of the new cabinet, AILA SA was contacted by the new Minister for Planning (and new State MP for Taylor, in Adelaide’s northern suburbs), Nick Champion, for a meeting to discuss our 2022 Election Manifesto and to say ‘hello’. I must say we were surprised (and also quite chuffed) to be near the top of the list of organisations to be contacted! 
We will report on our meeting in coming weeks, and we look forward to working with the new Government. We have also sent congratulations and meeting requests with the new Premier and Deputy Premier (and new Minister for Climate, Environment and Water), Susan Close. 
I would like to use this opportunity to pass on my sincerest thanks to the Marshall Government for their positive and progressive agenda, and for their proactive and successful approach to many policies and strategies. This includes the renewed Healthy Parks, Healthy People Strategy, the formation of Green Adelaide, the difficult (and well overdue) Planning reforms as well as many other policies, plans and projects.  Our small AILA SA team was able to influence many of these initiatives with respectful, robust and successful collaboration across the former Government. 
Our thanks to the many outgoing Ministers (and their advisors) for taking the time to get to know us, for listening to us, and for responding to our advocacy across many portfolios. We look forward to continuing our relationships with the new Opposition. 
On that note, it is worth taking a minute to reflect on our 2022 Election Manifesto, a first for us, which was sent to the major parties. Advocating for a greener, healthier, inclusive and climate resilient South Australia was positively received, with all responses published on AILA SA’s web page.  Please have a look if you haven’t already (located here), as we will be continuing our advocacy on them. 
We thought we could all rest a little, however very soon our focus will switch to the Federal Election….
As always, if you have any issues, matters or advocacy you think we should be looking into, please reach out to Sall or myself. 
Lots more to report in the next enews, but for now, have a good week!