Water for Life Award 2023

Water for Life Award proudly supported by SA Water

We are delighted to announce a new State Award will be part of next year’s Awards program. A message below from our valued partner outlining this exciting new Award.

With urban greening critical to creating liveable, healthy and thriving communities, this award recognises innovative, effective and efficient use of water to create green spaces.

The inaugural Water for Life award is a partnership between SA Water and AILA SA, and will celebrate South Australian expertise that champions the role of water in creating liveable towns and cities.

The 2023 Water for Life award is free to enter for all AILA members, for projects which meet the Water for Life Award Criteria and Submission Requirements.

The criteria for the Water for Life award are:

Demonstrating the effective use of water in a project, using passive and/or active sources 
-Passive water uses include the meaningful integration of water sensitive design initiatives, collecting and using water for landscapes or other uses, and providing improved amenity and environmental outcomes. 
-Active water uses includes the effective use of irrigation (including the use of technology, irrigation design aspects, fit for purpose water supply etc).

Reducing a project’s urban heat island impacts
-Demonstrate how the design has reduced a project’s urban heat impacts.
-Measure the ‘before and after’ areas of soft vs hard infrastructure

Use of climate resilient plants in a project 
-Demonstrate the use of climate resilient plants to mitigate climate risks including increased heat and unpredictable rainfall patterns. 

Innovative design approaches
-Outline the innovations used in a project, focused on the effective use of water, plant species and biodiversity improvements to support climate resilience. 
-Demonstrate how the project’s outcomes and/or process can be applied elsewhere and can form new benchmarks in how climate resilient landscapes are developed.

Details of how to enter will be available when the SA Landscape Architecture Awards open in February 2023. Start thinking about your entries now!

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