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Heath Gledhill



News from AILA Victoria Chapter 14 June 2022

Did someone say June? Where has the first half of 2022 gone already?

With a busy start to the year it is great to see our industry back in full swing off the back of a bumpy two years. And while many may not have slowed down much, it is great to see so many projects under construction or recently completed around the State. But as we progress into what has been an icy start to Winter, as an executive this is a great time to connect and reflect on our initial 12months as a team, and to look at what we have achieved, but more importantly what is ahead. As AILA aims to better connect as an institute and streamline the way in which we connect and communicate, this presents a great opportunity for not only the executive team, but our members to contribute to the profession on a greater level. By driving institute wide initiatives, this will continue to promote the importance of our profession and allow all members to advocate at all levels across our client and project portfolios. It is an exciting time to be an active part of the institute and see us continue to evolve.

So what’s on this month? Its AWARDS Season!

Yes, that is correct. It is time to book the boardroom, organise a lunch and celebrate with your colleagues for the AILA Vic Landscape Architecture Winners Announcement – Wednesday 22 June at 11.30am, the the festivities get underway online, so make sure you are seated and ready to listen in and see the showcase of the State’s best projects. Remember to book your boardrooms, organise lunch and celebrate with your colleagues!

And as always, we want to hear from you, our members. If there is an idea that you have, a project that you would like some advice on, or you just want to find out ways to better connect with fellow members, reach out to our chapter managers and the executive, we love to hear from you.

Best of luck to all of our Awards entries for the big reveal.  

Heath Gledhill, AILA Vic Executive