News from AILA Victoria

Warwick Savvas, Executive Secretary



News from AILA Victoria Chapter - October 2023

Landscape architects have always been at the nexus within the planning, design and construction sector. As interdisciplinary professionals we routinely work with the key protagonists who shape our cities and impact Country. 

As the pressures on people and places mount from a range of factors, and from multiple directions (environmental, social, political, economic) we are being called on more and more to provide our unique perspective on solutions.  

This is because we design not just for people, but for how people interact and also for how plants and animals interact. 

As interdisciplinary designers we work with government authorities (state and local) and industry protagonists (from big builders and small suppliers), as well as other consultant disciplines, researchers and specialists to resolve issues that playout in our landscapes from the micro to the macro scale.   

Our newly formed Executive team for the Victorian Chapter of AILA are commencing our term with a heightened awareness of the above. As social, environmental and political priorities shift post pandemic, the Voice referendum, and accelerating climate changes, we are working to illicit actions that will make a difference to not only us as landscape architects, but also to us as individuals in our communities. 

We are noticing a shift from transport infrastructure to health and social care. We feel that landscape architects are uniquely positioned to advise on the implications of these shifts from a bigger picture perspective. This is in a context where green infrastructure, sustainability and traditional owner engagement are mostly no longer ‘nice to haves’ but base case. 

As we head toward the end of 2023, the AILA Executive are conscious of these shifts and are developing our strategies and networks to build on relationships that will accentuate and facilitate leveraging these shifts for the benefit of you our members, and society overall. 

The recent UN/EARTH Festival of Landscape Architecture in Tarntanya/Adelaide no doubt was a reminder of these shifts.

Commendations are in order for another highly successful and engaging AILA national awards festival program. Congratulations to all the award-winning projects, and great to see so many Victorian projects being awarded also!

View the 2023 National Winners Gallery for more details. 

Hope to see many of you at the next festive event, AILA Vic’s 2023 Recognitions and End of Year Celebration, coming up on Thursday 30 November, 6pm - 10.30pm at The Terrace, Royal Botanic Gardens. 



Warwick Savvas, AILA Vic Secretary