News from AILA Victoria

News from AILA Victoria Chapter 15 February 2023

Dear Members

I’ve had the privilege of having 15 weeks off with my first baby over summer. Besides all the joy of fatherhood the disconnect from the daily grind gave me a chance to reflect on the environment around me, a clarity to think more strategically about what needs to be achieved and the ways to go about it. And (supposedly) come back to work refreshed.

Prior to my parental leave there was barely any discussion within mainstream media around artificial intelligence. I've come back and it seems to be the hot topic of the month, not only within a Landscape Architecture but more broadly within white collar professions.

What does this emerging use of artificial intelligence mean for our industry, and have you used it?

To humour myself, I asked a well-known AI generator what the hot industry topics are right now in the landscape architectural profession. What I got back was relatively close to home, albeit with a caveat of “my training data only goes up until September 2021, so my knowledge is limited to that timeframe”. Key topics weren’t too far off the mark and almost reads like the AILA Strategic Plan albeit with Americanization’s.

1. Climate change and sustainability
2. Green infrastructure
3. Indigenous cultural awareness
4. Accessibility and inclusivity
5. Urban regeneration and revitalization

Its limitations were clear but quizzing it further on topics of Connection to Country and Gender Equity I can see over time its understanding of industry knowledge and current challenges will be beneficial to industry, and the way we do business.
It did provide what I thought was a cheeky response about the industry’s understanding of place specific requirements of projects and the importance to note that the landscape architecture profession is constantly evolving, and new topics and trends are likely to emerge over time including the use of artificial intelligence to deliver design excellence. Sounds like the industry isn’t out of a job yet but it makes you think…

With that in mind, award season is on the horizon. Time to celebrate the important and valuable contribution we make as practitioners through our work in design, research, planning and advocacy.  Entries are now open for the AILA 2023 landscape architecture awards with the National and State jury having been selected and announcements imminent. Entries close 15 March.

We are looking forward to seeing the emerging trends in the industry that have delivered design excellence for the communities the projects serve, the environments they protect and enhance, and the country they are on and connected to.

James Millar, AILA VIC Executive