News from WA Executive





As I have formally signed off from President role and will see out my time until official Maternity Leave on the executive, I was asked to write a post on my time as President – however, as usual, I am far more excited about things the committee has up and coming then what we have already done.  The last two weeks we have been meeting to discuss the Priority Targets and Operational Plan for AILA WA.  Whilst details are still being finalised I am excited to be refocussing on our Schools Program, Be a LA, and encourage all trained Ambassadors to contact schools and start setting up opportunities to implement the programme or touch base with AILA WA for tips on how to get started.  We are also planning for a strong focus across all pillars on Green Infrastructure and our ability to be a key public and vocal advocate and knowledge holder for its planning and implementation.  And of course, our usual focus on being a responsive and valuable membership body.  Whilst I will be taking some time off over the next few months I do look forward to returning as an executive member of AILA and taking the opportunity to have more time (free of the administrative shackles that come with being AILA president!) to focus on delivering some of these incentives that get me excited to be part of AILA.  And lastly a big thank you to those AILA presidents past and future, it’s a lot of work and I don’t think many members would know how much time has been put into the role.  Good luck to Belinda in the interim and thank you for taking on the role whilst I am on leave.