AILA's Continuing Professional Development Library

AILA is pleased to support the professional growth journey of our members by ensuring they all have access to relevant and up to date knowledge in relation to the profession of landscape architecture and the built environment profession more broadly. CPD is delivered by a range of providers, but all must relate to AILAs CPD curriculum. A statement of knowledge for a dynamic and respected profession.

AILA is pleased to launch our new CPD framework. Divided into four sections, the curriculum breaks up these sections into topics, each with its own description. 

These descriptions each have their own list of learning outcomes which are statement of what a participant can expect to learn from participation in CPD relating to these areas. These learning outcomes will soon be made available with the launch of the full curriculum document shortly. 

FULL Practice CPD Curriculum


Featured CPD

The Basics of Urban Cooling

Design | Assessment

10 CPD Points

The Basics of Urban Cooling is designed by Prof Sebastian Pfautsch from the Urban Transformations Research Centre at Western Sydney University. Learners will gain practical knowledge about climate-responsive urban design and relevant tools and policies.

Member price $319
Non-member price $399

Foundations of Country, community and culture

Assessment | Practice

10 CPD Points

An online, self-paced course focused on building your cultural capacity in the built environment. Knowledge holders from across Australia have been filmed on their Country, having a yarn about how they have translated ancient Knowledge into contemporary built environment projects and outcomes.

Member price $360
Non-member price $450

Plant Taxonomy

Design | Assessment

10 CPD Points

Learn Plant Taxonomy. There is a system to plant naming. When you understand the system, it becomes easier to identify plants and possible to make useful decisions about where to plant them. Expand your depth and breadth of plant knowledge and your options for designing landscapes will increase greatly.

Member price $176
Non-member price $220

Explore Our CPD library

BIM for Landscape Architects - Communication, Collaboration & Coordination

An exploration of BIM, but with a fresh perspective focusing on collaboration within the industry. This session will focus on how Landscape Architects can play a pivotal part in coordination with Engineers, Architects, Councils and Asset Owners by using an open BIM technology strategy. Become a member to watch.


Integrating built and natural shade to create safer spaces

Featuring two case studies, this webinar shares information on how landscape architects can integrate built shade into canopy design, working with organic shade to create safer community spaces, for the short and long term.


Project Spotlight: School of Design & Built Environment - Curtin University

Join us for this monthly Project Spotlight Speaker Series featuring an AILA National Award winning project.  Hear from the landscape architect as they speak to the project, give insights into the process and outline the challenges and outcomes. Become a member to watch.


Count Her In. An AILA and NZILA Webinar

Join us for this special joint webinar with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) & the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA). This event will be held during World Landscape Architecture month, celebrating the UN Women Australia theme, Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress. Become a member to watch.


WEBINAR: Cybersecurity with Planned Cover

Join us for an essential national webinar on cybersecurity, presented by AILA National Partner, Planned Cover. Planned Cover will be joined by Emergence, Australia's leading cyber underwriter and Cybersuite, specialist advisory service in cybercrime to inform landscape architects on the latest developments in cybersecurity.


Project Spotlight: Transforming Southbank Boulevard

Join us for this new monthly Project Spotlight Speaker Series featuring an AILA National Award winning project. Hear from the landscape architect as they speak to the project, give insights into the process and outline the challenges and outcomes. Become a member to watch.


WEBINAR: Sustainable water management practice for LAs

Watch this national webinar on sustainable water management practices for landscape architects presented by ACO.  This webinar will feature a case study of a project on the NSW Central Coast presented by Mark Liebman, Director of Sustainability Workshop.


Webinar: BIM for Landscape Architecture

The webinar will feature information on how landscape architects can play a more active role in the BIM process by utilising industry standard BIM and bespoke design technology. 


Project Spotlight: Banksia House Kings Beach

Featuring an AILA National Award winning project, hear from the landscape architect as they speak to the project, give insights into the process and outline the challenges and outcomes. Become a member to watch.


Embracing CPD

In the coming months, AILA will be enhancing our CPD offerings to provide you with more diverse, accessible, and innovative learning opportunities. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenges of our time and to continue leading in the creation of sustainable, vibrant, and healthy environments. The presenters, Shahreen Alford, Marg Sangalli, Ashley Sheldrick and AILA CEO, Ben Stockwin, will describe the consultation process to date, explain how the curriculum is to be used, reveal the elements that make up the curriculum and outline the future of CPD delivery. Become a member to watch.

Census Report Data Review

AILA's Gender Equity Committee provides a review of the 2021 Census Report looking at gender in landscape architecture. Join Gender Equity Committee Members Lara Westcott and Cloris Wang to hear more about the Gender Equity Census Report Data Review. Following on from the 2016 Census, Gender Equity: Census report, this session will closely look at the 2021 census results and included analysis, trends and opportunities for dialogue.  The session will be hosted by AILA's Gender Equity Committee, this session will give an overview of the census report data including insights. Become a member to watch.

Trench drainage and integrated surface water management

Rewatch the national webinar on Trench drainage and integrated surface water management presented by ACO.  Featuring case study Comely Banks Sports Pavilion by Flynn Hart, Director at Pollen Studios. This webinar gives clear and structured guidelines on early planning decisions and selection for effective stormwater runoff removal whilst addressing key client and stakeholder considerations. Become a member to watch

Creating sustainable and social spaces

The webinar will feature information on how landscape architects can utilise barbecues in their projects to create sustainable and social spaces. The session will feature a case study of Arkadia Apartments by OCULUS, a 2020 National Award of Excellence winner in Gardens at the National Landscape Architecture Awards. Hear from Landscape Architect Will Whitfeld, OCULUS as he speaks on Arkadia Apartments, a project located in Sydney's Alexandria that illustrates the role a garden can play in connecting residents to their place, its history and to each other.  Become a member to watch.

Urban Green Infrastructure Handbook

This session hosted by the AILA Advocacy Committee, focuses on the Urban Green Infrastructure Handbook released by Standards Australia. AILA, along with a team of subject matter experts led the development of the critical 'Urban Green Infrastructure - Planning and decision framework'.  This handbook meets the urgent demand for a nationally consistent UGI framework. Become a member to watch.



Landscape plant design for weather extremes

This webinar covers groundbreaking results of Ozbreed's decade-long study on urbanisation's impact on ecosystems. Uncover key findings on weather extremes, waterlogging, and flooding, and how they shape landscape design. Explore drought-tolerant plant species thriving in wet conditions, offering unparalleled resilience for your projects. From Mundi to Grey Box Westringia, Shara to Tropic Cascade Lomandra, unlock a palette of proven performers that defy nature's toughest challenges. Become a member to watch

UN/EARTH Pre-Festival Webinar with Xu Tiantian

Become a member to watch.

UN/EARTH: Pre-Festival James Ramsey - The Lowline

UN/EARTH seeks to illuminate the worlds beneath us through exploration of the physical and metaphoric soil horizons upon which landscape architecture practice is founded. The eroding, geologic, cavernous, mineral, and organic processes that have shaped our planet's crust, so often hidden and beyond our gaze, are the primary source materials for UN/EARTH. Become a member to watch.


Advocacy Manifesto & Advocacy Update

For us to create meaningful change, it's essential that government understand the true value of our work.  AILA believes that Landscape Architects can play a pivotal role in both climate adaptation and mitigation to ensure an equitable and sustainable future for all Australians. AILA's Advocacy Committee have been actively working with Chapter Committees and cross-collaborating with other AILA Committees at a national level on an extended version of the election manifesto flyer prepared for the 2022 Federal Elections. Become a member to watch.