AILA Brand


AILA’s logo is a recognisable symbol of the Institute: our mission, vision and values.

AILA’s logo is a Registered Trade Mark, and Registered Landscape Architects are encouraged to use the logo to promote their commitment to the profession in a number of methods, including:

  • personalised business card
  • email signature
  • other personalised stationery

Landscape architecture practices are also encouraged to use AILA’s logo, provided that at least one director or shareholder (if applicable) is a Registered Landscape Architect, in a similar manner, including:

  • on letterheads with reference to the Registered Landscape Architects in their practice, organisation or government department
  • on documentation such as technical drawings with reference to the Registered Landscape Architects in their practice, organisation or government department.

Please read carefully the Designations Guidelines to comply with the Designation related to:

  • your membership type,
  • the abbreviation that may be used
  • the sample format of how the policy requires to be complied with. 




Download AILA’s logo (Member login required)

Please Contact Us if you require any guidance in the usage of AILA’s logo.

Discussion Papers

Registration, regulation and legal recognition of Landscape Architects in Australia

Guidance Note

Guidance Note for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment


Memberscape quick-help video


Memberscape is AILA's member-exclusive online community. Connect, share, and collaborate. Join the largest community of landscape architects in Australia on Memberscape. Become a member to access the community today.

In this help video:

  1. How to log into Memberscape (00:00)
  2. Where to find your communities (00:46)
  3. How to post a discussion (01:06)
  4. Your profile and preferences (01:42)


Position statements

AILA Position Statements

Visit the Position Statements page to access all documents.

Practice Notes

Practice note # 1 - A Summary of Best Practices

Download AILA Practice Note # 1 from our online community Memberscape. Member login required.

Practice note # 2 - Scope of Services

Download AILA Practice Note # 2 from our online community Memberscape. Member login required.

Practice note # 4 - Continuing Professional Development

Download AILA Practice Note # 4 from our online community Memberscape. Member login required.

Practice note # 5 - Moral Rights

Download AILA Practice Note # 5 from our online community Memberscape. Member login required.

Practice note # 6 - Work Experience

Download AILA Practice Note # 6 from our online community Memberscape. Member login required.

Practice note # 7 - Key (Private) Practice Requirements

Download AILA Practice Note # 7 from our online community Memberscape. Member login required.

Practice note # 10 - A Guide to Equitable Practice

Download AILA Practice Note # 10 from our online community Memberscape. Member login required.


Landscape Heritage Report

AILA Landscape Heritage Report - Volume 1-2 (2018)

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA) has released the NSW Landscape Heritage Listing Report which builds awareness of landscape heritage issues and to develop a foundation approach to identifying significant landscapes.

The final report, funded by the NSW Heritage Council, is a consolidation of work undertaken over two and a half years by authors Christine Hay, Colleen Morrison and James Quoyle which aimed articulate an approach to the identification, assessment and conservation of significant cultural landscapes.

The study also goes some way to redressing the gap found in local and state heritage listings and initiates a non-statutory database of significant landscapes for AILA NSW as well as a bibliography of cultural landscape references. The AILA Heritage Landscape Conservation Listing Project Report has been submitted to the Office of Environment and Heritage with recommendations on ten locations in NSW to support future heritage listings determinations.

AILA NSW Heritage Group: Matthew Taylor (Chair), Helen Armstrong, Craig Burton, Oi Choong and Annabel Murray

The nominated landscapes - Volume 3

Greater Royal National Park

Berry Island Reserve

Wollstonecraft Foreshore Reserves

Balls Head Reserve

Berrys Bay Precinct (Carradah Park)

Ballast Point Park


Gladesville Hospital Landscape

Lang Park

Elizabeth Bay House and Landscape Setting

AILA non-statutory database - Volume 4

Volume 4 (AILA non-statutory database)

Senior Practitioner Advice Service

Senior Practitioner Advice Service

Access the Senior Practitioner Advice Service.

AILA's Senior Practitioner Advice Service is now open for your enquiries. We are pleased to offer our members a free professional support program. The Senior Practitioner Advice service provides expert practice ‘non legal’ advice to assist you in the running of your business.

You might have an enquiry about:

  • Setting up a practice (what needs to be considered)
  • The operational running of a practice
  • Providing services as a Landscape Architect
  • Tendering for work (where to find documents, templates, pro-formas, how to complete etc)
  • Career progression
  • And many other areas including QA, technology and marketing. 

Response timeframes

A Senior Practitioner will then be able to respond to your enquiry in a timeframe of approximately 1-4 business days.

Advocacy Manifesto

Advocacy Manifesto

Access the Advocacy Manifesto here.

The Advocacy Committee has been actively working with Chapter Committees and cross-collaborating with other Committees at a national level on an extended version of the election manifesto flyer prepared for the May 2022 Federal Elections. 

The four key focus advocacy areas are: 

  • Climate and Biodiversity Positive Design
  • Dedicated Green Infrastructure Investment
  • Workforce and Gender Equity
  • First Nations Recognition.

Governance & Policies


Climate Positive Design

AILA is committed to the objectives of Climate Positive Design, and support, for AILA members in adapting to achieve climate positive design objectives.

Connection to Country

AILA is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse profession by encouraging and supporting our members to expand their cultural awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Gender Equity

AILA is taking a leadership role to ensure the landscape architecture profession is as inclusive, diverse, and equitable as it can possibly be.